And now, another message from the Ministry of Absurd Indignation

Oye, ten cuidao.. este dedo lo uso pa' sacarme los mocos... y pa' mantener el orden constitucional !

Yeah.  Prince Regent Raulito is steamed.  Someone is helping his slaves to contact the outside world …  Watch out.   As the monarch says:  “Be careful… I use this finger to pick my nose… and to maintain the constitutional order.”

Cuba accuses US of training dissidents via Internet
(AFP) – 2 November 2012

HAVANA — Cuba accused the United States Friday of supplying opponents of the government with the technological means to access the Internet as part of an effort to “subvert the constitutional order.”

The accusation, leveled in a foreign ministry statement, comes amid a simmering dispute over the jailing of American contractor Alan Gross three years ago for distributing laptops and electronic gear to members of the island’s Jewish community.

It also follows the growing international prominence of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, whose prize-winning Generation Y blog has often questioned Cuba’s communist regime.

The foreign ministry said US diplomats were “promoting, advising, instructing, training, financing and supplying (government opponents) with diverse media and technology.”

“Diplomats from that office are permanently inciting these people … to undertake provocative actions … and act against the Cuban constitutional order,” it said in the statement published in the official newspaper Granma.
The US Interest Section “has gone to the extreme of undertaking training tasks, establishing illegal Internet centers in its offices to provide training and courses to people … in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention.”

The United States and Cuba broke off diplomatic relations in 1961, but have maintained interest sections in each other’s capitals for the past three decades to provide consular services and deal with bilateral issues.
The US Interests Section and some European embassies offer dissidents free access to the Internet to compensate for the sparse access existing on the island.

Cuba “will use all legal mechanisms within its reach to defend its sovereignty and to ensure respect for the Cuban people and the laws of the country,” the foreign ministry said.

4 thoughts on “And now, another message from the Ministry of Absurd Indignation”

  1. just in time for the elections and the debut of “mamerto” castro espin. you see romney or obama? he’s my fighting cock against you

  2. Don’t you just love that phrase Cuban constitutional order? And don’t you just love the coupling of “to ensure respect for the Cuban people and the laws of the country” – as if they go hand in hand?

  3. That horse left the barn years ago, and all the kings whinning won’t bring it back. Not for lack of trying, the regime lost its war against the internet and exchange of information. The thousands of political arrests in recent years, and the speed at which those arrests are publicized on the internet is proof.

    I think it’s just a matter of time until the regimes last gasp; the question is, how much more damage will they inflict upon those Cuban people they have never respected but always held in contempt?

  4. Four stars. Four, plus the shit on his chest. All fake. The guy’s real military like I’m a Martian, so dressing up in uniform and posing as a general, let alone a 4-star general, is so bogus, so disreputable, so incredibly insulting to anyone who knows the score even passably well that he really should change his name to Chutzpah-on-Steroids. I once saw a description of him which I thought was perfect: “general de oficina,” an office general, whose military “career” has been essentially a desk job.

    However, to be fair, there’s a certain logic to this bullshit. It shows total lack of respect for the Cuban people, but then again, do they deserve any from the Castro perspective? Didn’t they buy the whole stinking shitload of Castro lies? Didn’t they swallow it hook, line and sinker? So why should the Castros respect those they so easily suckered and manipulated?

    Still, this is just too Latrine American, or not even that–it’s too Dominican Republic, reminiscent of its dictator Trujillo and his addiction to spurious military bling. Even Batista, who had a real military background, didn’t flaunt it like this rat-faced bastard. It was rather the opposite: Batista projected, or tried to project, a civilian image, specifically, that of a refined gentleman, which is how he wanted to be perceived. Well, as the old saying goes, “Tell me what you boast of, and I’ll tell you what you lack.”

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