Regarding that “Cuban-American majority for Obama”….Hummmmm???????????


You Floridians will immediatly recognize the black precincts as those where most Americans of Cuban heritage reside.


Well, black denotes where Romney won (often overwhelmingly), blue where Obama won. More from Mauricio Claver-Carone:

“Like every election cycle, Sergio Bendixen, who is infamously known for the inacuracy of his polls, is once again peddling inaccurate exit polling data about Cuban-American voting trends.

5 thoughts on “Regarding that “Cuban-American majority for Obama”….Hummmmm???????????”

  1. I don’t know, I’ve played around with the results map and looking at my own neighborhood in Hialeah the results are shocking. In precinct 322 which is the “Lago Grande” community Obama won 61% of the vote while Romney only received 38%. In precinct 321 right behind La Carreta and Westland Mall Obama won 51% of the vote. In my precinct, 320, Romney only received 55% of the vote. In most of the Hialeah precincts Romney barely makes it past 60%. I only found one precinct in Hialeah where Romney got 70% of the vote and that’s precinct 325, the Palm Springs Mile area.

  2. A cursory look shows that Romney got between 60 and 70% in a lot of the majority Cuban-American neighborhoods in West Dade. The question is: did the areas of strongest support erode since 2008? I think that was the case but we’ll have to crunch the numbers to figure that out.

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