About the ‘blockade’ and other rants

Joan Antoni Guerrero Vall at Punt de Vista (my translation):

About the “blockade” and other rants

When people speak to me about the “blockade” (which is, in reality, only an embargo), I always think about a photograph taken of me in Havana back in 2009 during my last trip to the island prison. All over the streets were empty cardboard boxes where you can clearly read “Product of USA.” Trash on the sidewalks: empty Coca-Cola cans, chewing gum wrappers, candy wrappers… I imagine the people who buy these products (those who can) do so in those “supermarkets” (Palco?) where security guards (not State Security) guard the entrances to I suppose make sure the poor people, those who don’t have anything, don’t get in (once again: I suppose, I imagine, I assume). I always thought that “blockade” was a very strange thing.