Alan Gross tragedy takes absurd new turn

Should have seen this coming….. As the Obamanoids sit on their hands, the blame now shifts to those in the U.S. who hired Alan Gross.  And this time, there is money at stake.  Please note that what is now being considered an “utter disgrace” is not the unjust imprisonment of Gross, but the mere fact that he was hired to bring relief to the tiny Jewish community in Castrolandia.

Absurd as this blame shifting is, the lawsuit spawned by it may actually force the Obamanoids to do something, for a change…..

American contractor jailed in Cuba sues U.S., employer for $60 million

(Reuters) – A U.S. contractor jailed in Cuba after being convicted of crimes against the state sued the U.S. government and the company that hired him for $60 million on Friday, blaming them for his imprisonment and not warning him about the risks he faced in the communist-run island.

Alan Gross, 63, has been jailed in Cuba since December 3, 2009, and is serving a 15-year sentence for providing Internet gear to Cubans under a U.S. program that Cuba views as subversive.

In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, Gross and his wife, Judy Gross, allege that his employer, Maryland-based Development Alternatives Inc, or DAI, and the U.S. government “failed to disclose adequately to Mr. Gross, both before and after he began traveling to Cuba, the material risks that he faced due to his participation in the project.”

The suit also charges that DAI and the government “failed to take adequate measures” to train and protect Gross on his trips to Cuba, and that they “ignored Mr. Gross’ repeated security concerns so that DAI could continue to generate significant revenue and the Government could continue to use Mr. Gross as a pawn in its overall Cuba policy initiatives.”

In a separate lawsuit against New Jersey-based Federal Insurance Co in Maryland District Court, Gross and his wife said FIS “has wrongfully refused benefits,” under what the suit cited as “a wrongful detention” clause.

The Department of Justice did not respond to the lawsuit on Friday. “The case is being reviewed,” said spokesman Charles Miller.

A spokesman for DAI said it was preparing a statement to be issued later on Friday. Federal Insurance Co, part of the Chubb insurance group, could not be reached for comment.

Gross, a development worker, went to Cuba five times as a subcontractor for DAI, which had a contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

He has said he went to Cuba only to help the island’s Jewish community, not for political purposes, and was working on a U.S. government project intended to increase the availability of Internet access for the Cuban-Jewish community.

The U.S. government has said Gross should not be jailed for providing Internet access to Jews and has repeatedly demanded his release.

The case has put a hold on U.S.-Cuba relations that warmed slightly after President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

Since his detention, Gross’ wife said he had lost 100 pounds (45 kg), was battling chronic arthritis pain and had what could be a cancerous tumor beneath his shoulder blade. Gross’ daughter and elderly mother both have cancer.

“The tragedy faced by the Gross family is horrific,” said l Scott Gilbert, lead counsel of Gilbert LLP.

“What is mind-boggling is that this never should have come to pass. The destruction of this family is the direct result of a project approved, overseen and administered by DAI and our government that was flawed from conception and pursued with complete disregard for Mr. Gross’ safety and well-being. It is an utter disgrace.”

4 thoughts on “Alan Gross tragedy takes absurd new turn”

  1. Well, that has always been the Cuban tyranny’s favorite modus operandi. Whenever the beast has been up against the wall, he lashes out and blames the victim. Remember, it wasn’t the regime that was separating Elian and his [up to then absent and indifferent] father from Elian, it was the “Miami Mafia” and it isn’t the regime that’s causing so much hardship among Cubans inside Cuba, it’s that “unlawful and genocidal blockade!” [that is the way that castro with his sickening hyperbole describes that half-hearted embargo full of holes].

    In the case of Alan Gross, whether Judy Gross decided to pursue this ridiculous litigation on her own or she is being blackmailed by the regime [highly likely], she is becoming a unwitting accomplice of the regime and this lawsuit is something out of the regime’s playbook.

    Expect the mainstream media to suddenly become interested big time in the up-to-then for the most part neglected Alan Gross case. Opinion pieces and editorials from the New York Times should be in the making.

  2. He wasn’t aware what could happen to him? In a totalitarian, police-state dictatorship? Typical liberal Democrat supporter of Obama. To them, Cuba is just a misunderstood nation that is trying very hard to achieve ‘social justice’, but is hamstrung by the big bad bully, the US. Sorry, but I can’t be sympathetic towards these folks – it’s sick.

  3. Then I think the Gross family should sue “official” Cuban Jews like the Dworin crone, with that ridiculous scarf that’s wearing her as opposed to the other way around (and may well be worth more than she is). They were the intended beneficiaries of Gross’s mission, yet wound up leaving him high and dry. Shouldn’t THEY have warned him, being very much “on the ground”? They sure as hell knew how to protect themselves when things got sticky.

    This lawsuit is probably a tactical ploy to pressure the Obama people to act, and/or to generate media attention for the same reason. Trouble is, Obama no longer needs the Jewish vote–not that Gross’s plight made any difference to most Jewish voters (certainly not to the likes of Barbra Streisand, who was sending out frantic pro-Obama fund-raising appeals, but to my knowledge has yet to touch the Gross matter publicly). That still leaves, of course, the always popular blame-Cuban-exiles game, which the MSM is far more likely to go for and promote.

  4. And who do we think will be the beneficiary of the settlement in the case? The jailers themselves, of course. Not the Gross family.
    And what does Obama care about a such a piddling amount, anyway? It only adds a smidgen to the trillions he has added to our debt. Obama will wait this one out until the award becomes much larger. Why not? More fun to pay out bigger sums.

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