Elections have consequences, part 45,760

This is your life under Obamacare.

Thanks, Obama voters. You just imposed on the rest of us degraded medical care and rising costs. This is no longer hypothetical or abstract. It’s real. It’s the law.

Here are some of the bad repercussions of your vote:

1. Decline in pay for doctors […]

2. Government health care is inferior […]

3. Yes, Virginia, there really is a death panel […]

4. Incredibly Shrinking Doctors […]

5. Medicare is cut […]

6. Taxes go up […]

7. Millions will still be Uninsured […]

8. You might not be able to keep your private insurance through work […]

9. States can Save Money by Offloading their Employees […]

10. Penalties for Noncompliance, Courtesy of the IRS […]

Read them all here.