Hanoi Jane’s regret

Jane Fonda, the world-famous limousine liberal communist regrets riding that North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun — and not fucking bola de churre.

As everyone knows, war is bad as long as the President of the United States is a Republican. That’s why Jane Fonda was an anti-war activist during the Vietnam War. That’s why she toured North Vietnam in 1972 and denounced America, and that’s why she posed for pictures sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun:

That’s why Vietnam veterans call her “Hanoi Jane.”

But there’s good news, vets: Jane’s sorry she got caught! Hollywood Reporter:

Jane Fonda Receives L.A. Press Club’s Visionary Award

Jane Fonda says a part of her was surprised to receive an award from the Los Angeles Press Club, given her confrontational relationship with journalists during her activist days.

“When I hear the name L.A. Press Club, I think of the ’70s — and the reporters were so hostile. I could feel the hate coming to me in a wall,” Fonda said after receiving the club’s inaugural Visionary Award. “And now I’m getting an award from the Press Club.

“Of course, all those old guys are dead…”

Then, in a “lightning round” Q&A with NBC 4 anchor Robert Kovacik, Fonda touched on a variety of topics…

– On her greatest regret in life: “Sitting on that gun in North Vietnam. I’ll go to my grave with that one.”

Yes, Jane, you will. And a lot of your countrymen already have.

Hat tip to John Nolte, who points out that at least this is better than Hanoi Jane’s previous biggest regret: “I never got to fuck Che Guevara.”

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  1. But Jane herself never hated anyone. And of course she never did anything hateful. She was just, you know, a little overly enthusiastic. John Kerry understands perfectly. As for “bola de churre,” that was technically coined for Fidel, though it applies equally well to Che, who also had hygiene issues. And Jane should be grateful she never got to fuck him, because the real thing would never have lived up to her expectations, even though it would have been a major feather on her cap in her Bizarro world.

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