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Cuban vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura delivers a message from dictator Raul Castro to a special envoy from the murderous Syrian dictatorship who arrived in Havana this past Monday (my translation):

“I reiterate the support of the Cuban government for Syria’s right to sovereignty and self-determination without foreign interference.”

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  1. You know, I’m sorry, but a country run by fraudulent old farts like the ones in this photo is simply not respectable. Lord, the shame.

  2. It is a shame, you got that right.

    Half a century dancing to the beat of these fraudulent old communist farts which have slaved their own nation, ruined it, and turned it into shit in the most unpardonable of ways, is indeed a shame (specially after the fall of the USSR).

    But, let’s also not ignore that the ones perpetuating this aberration are making money doing so thanks to the complicitness of the capitalistic world and all its “representatives of democracy”. That in itself is also very shameful, if not more shameful than all else, and it is something that should not be forgotten.

    To that add all the money that is also sent from Miami to the kidnapped relatives who are payed in Cuban play money but forced to buy from government owned stores with foreign currency. The very USA has enabled this shamelessness which helps the regime. They too, with the lack of consciousness of many Cubans abroad, have helped their business succeed.

    Yet, the main Cubans to blame are the ones of Castro’s very generation. Sorry, but those were the primary come-mierdas and hijos de puta in all this. It was a spoiled generation, that is the reality. By now Cubans are armless, alone, many demoralized, and with little chances of anything against the armed and organized scum that keeps Cuba down with the blessing of the world.

    The way I see it, unless that head at the top is cut, all else will continue running as it always has at all levels, for a can of sardines, mere control, a pad in the back, and a couple million dollars abroad.

    Just like there is always a lawyer defending an obvious criminal for a check, there will always be subservient and complacent scum doing the same for totalitarianism as long as that check is there no matter its vileness and offensive nature.

    That is why the Castros fear an economic opening, because the trained idiots around them will soon realize Cuba itself has more to offer than their self-centered tyranny. Being surrounded by old farts who also just want to protect their necks is the only way they feel safe.

  3. Yes, they were spoiled, or rather, infantile. They thought it was all a kind of game, edgy in some ways, but still a game. They thought if you could paint or imagine a pretty enough picture, it could come true as if by magic. Call it the idiocy of utopianism, which was encouraged by most of their media and “intellectuals.” They certainly didn’t appreciate how good they had it, both in actual and prospective terms–FAR better than almost all “Latin” countries, including much larger ones with much greater natural resources. They’d made such tremendous progress in a mere half century that they figured absolute perfection was perfectly attainable, and in short order. Just make a revolution, tear everything down, level it, and paradise would assemble itself in a jiffy. Yes sirree, coming right up. Unfortunately, after breaking practically every egg in sight, they wound up with no omelet, or rather, a rancid one crawling with Salmonella.

    But it wasn’t all delusion and wishful thinking; it wasn’t that innocent. There were, of course, true believers, but they were always a minority. The bulk of the “revolutionaries” (most of whom were hardly that before 1959) were opportunists of one kind or another. Some were simply used to going with the flow, with whoever was on top, as a matter of course; others saw a golden opportunity to come out of various dank and fetid closets, including the closets of envy, resentment, inadequacy and perversity. There was an awful lot of really nasty shit in Cuba, which had been latent or disguised and thus largely unsuspected–until it got the olive green light from the “revolution” to let it all hang out.

    So no, don’t blame Fidel. Blame the people that enabled him.

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