Well Played, Sir Guy, Sir Consiglio and Lady Michaels … Well Played

Apparently today’s self-proclaimed “journalists” just can’t seem to help themselves in losing their objectivity and unbiased approach to reporting on current events and the news in general much the way they would lose their car keys. They typically expose themselves in their media outlets, but of late many step into the social media pool of the unwashed masses and Tweet-Tweet their obvious affliction. Here is the latest via Reuters’ own Anthony De Rosa, who is quickly dealt with (HT: Maggie’s Farm)…

5:48 pm: At the beginning of the day, I noted an ugly tweet by Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa. One response to De Rosa was sufficiently embarrassing and, uh, viral enough to make the wire service’s social media editor remove his tweet.

Meanwhile, in other news, two TV co-anchors in Bangor, Maine (were rumored to be fed-up with the recent election cycle and upper management’s dictating of political preference) pulled a surprise on-air resignation at the end of Tuesday’s news broadcast.

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  1. “What’s the purpose in killing so many in retaliation?” First of all, there was no “killing” in retaliation, but as much as possible considering that Hamas terrorists use innocent civilians including children as shields, surgical strikes to eliminate the source of the missile strikes. You see, it isn’t enough to stop some of the missiles from hitting their intended targets, a very costly defense, but to stop the missile strikes period. Or do you think it’s acceptable to shoot rockets and missiles at civilians? I just this morning returned from a month in Israel and I can tell you, there is no other nation on this planet that would put up with the attacks Israel is expected to put up with. Air raid sirens and people forced to hide and evacuate because of terrorists, and Israel is once again “urged” to show restraint? And I’m going on the record as saying the “cease fire” is shit. How many cease-fires has there been? The bottom line is this, you cannot make peace with those bent on your destruction, and shame on those forcing Israel to once again swallow the bullet, and take the high road against the threat of barbarism.

  2. “The bottom line is this, you cannot make peace with those bent on your destruction extermination…”

    FIFY, Ziva

    Welcome home.

    BTW, did you view the “Define Irony” video?

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