Thanksgiving Terror from Fidel and Che

Furious at failing to start a worldwide nuclear war and incinerating millions of people 50 years ago last month, the bosom chum of “peace candidate” George McGovern tried again 50 years ago this month. In fact, the terror plot to incinerate and entomb thousands of New York holiday shoppers came 50 years ago last week.

Castro and Che’s agents planned to set 500 kilos of TNT in the three biggest department stores on earth — and on the year’s biggest shopping day, for good measure.

Not that you’ll learn of this planned Castroite atrocity—much less how it was foiled in the nick of time by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI– from any wire service, production company or TV network bestowed a Havana visa or bureau by Castro’s Stalinist regime, which is to say: from the Castro-regime’s U.S. partners-in-propaganda.

Which brings us to Glenn Beck TV. Unlike, NBC,CBS, NPR, PBS, CNN, ABC, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, etc., Beck’s outfit remains unencumbered by the above-mentioned honor by Castro’s propaganda ministry, and thus free to report the truth about Cuba, Castro and Che Guevara. To wit:

Our friends at Townhall and GlennBeck TV help disseminate items mostly unknown outside Miami-Dade.

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  1. Look at Fidel’s photo. Isn’t it reassuring? Don’t you just feel like laying everything you have, everyone you love, and your past, present and future at his feet? Doesn’t that seem like the most logical, rational, sensible thing in the world? And Cubans wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

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