“You Don’t Need Obamacare if You have the Ability to Cure Lepers with a Mere Touch”

This artist’s depiction of Barack Obama as the crucified Christ was done a couple years ago. It will be part of a display in Boston at a community college art gallery until December 15th.

You see, in this current atmosphere of being immediately offended by either obvious, obscure, or even non-existent insult or offense (typically involving the mortally wounded atheists or Islamists/Muslims … and if it’s MSNBC any word in the Webster’s dictionary deemed “racist” code words or dog-whistles at any given moment), the left’s double standard of reproach has been expanded. Christians and Catholics are not permitted to express offense when they are offended. Yesterday’s coverage of actor Jamie Foxx’s insidious joke ( and as we have been told, in comedy there has to be an element of truth for it to be funny) that Barack Obama is the “Lord and savior” brought out the conservative community’s objection, and the left’s objection and ridicule of our objection. However, even Obama supporters were not tickled with Foxx’s hollow levity.

Of all the reactions I read throughout yesterday in the fallout, this exchange on Hannity last night had some of the best points made about Jamie Foxx’s remark being a sample of where a large hunk of American society is right now, and it is not uplifting…

What Jamie Foxx fails to understand is that he struggled and worked longer and harder, failed and succeeded, to get what he has and enjoys in wealth and fame … Obama is a post turtle spending OUR money with Foxx’s blessings while HE enjoys expensive accountants that make certain Foxx doesn’t pay anymore taxes than he has to.

Meanwhile, it is apparent Chicago Jesus Obama has his own Mary Magdalene as Sandra Fluke is in the running for TIME’s “Person of The Year”. Upon reading her background it is very fitting in this portrait of the Jamie Foxx rendition of the unholy family…

The daughter of a conservative Christian pastor, Sandra Fluke, 31, became a women’s-rights activist in college and continued her advocacy as a law student at Georgetown.

REALLY?? Person of The Year? The woman demanded free contraception (rather, taxpayer-funded contraception) when going to a taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood for free or cheaper than dirt contraception, or Walmart’s $9/month pills, was just too oppressive and discriminatory for intellectually superior college coeds to fend for themselves and their personal needs. Yet, another media post turtle.

The devolution of this nation continues…

3 thoughts on ““You Don’t Need Obamacare if You have the Ability to Cure Lepers with a Mere Touch””

  1. The more this fluke chick shows up, the more B-movie zombie she looks. It’s well beyond kool-aid; it’s puzzling how the ***ll she got thru law school. Oh, wait….that explains it.

  2. She looks like a pudgy witch. Maybe she has hidden, uh, talents, but “desperately seeking PC icon status” is NOT sexy. Not even close.

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