Ay, caramba, pero mira que tacaños son esos sabios de la Ayvilí …

Holy smokes, those Ivy League geniuses are such skinflints.

Well, goll-eeee gee gosh, I’ll be darned… what a surprise!  The schools with the highest tuitions and the greatest number of truly rich students are cheapskates.  Look at these figures.  Uh-oh, once the One and Only sees these figures, there will be hell to pay, especially at my institution, which contributed less than all the others.   Ay!   Anger at the Casa Blanca.  No soup for you, bulldogs.

Boola Boola!  And what about that other surprise: ONLY 96% were rooting for Obama.   I guess this means that they don’t screen the people they hire very carefully.  Imagine that: a whopping  4 % actually gave money to Romney.  Who are these traitors?  How did they get there?  Time for a purge.

From Campusreform.org :

96% of political donations from Ivy League faculty & staff went for Obama

By Oliver Darcy, on Nov 27, 2012

96% of the faculty and staff at Ivy League colleges that contributed to the 2012 presidential race donated to President Obama’s campaign, reveals a Campus Reform investigation compiled using numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

From the eight elite schools, $1,211,267 was contributed to the Obama campaign, compared to the $114,166 given to Romney.

The highest percentage of Obama donors came from Brown University and Princeton, with 99 percent of donations from faculty and staff going towards his campaign.

Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania’s faculty contributed to the President’s campaign in the lowest numbers, with only 94 percent donating to the Obama campaign.

Below is the breakdown of numbers compiled by Campus Reform:

Brown University: Obama donors: 129 giving $67,728 | Romney donors: 1 giving $500

Columbia University: Obama donors: 652 giving $361,754 | Romney donors: 21 giving $34,250

Cornell University: Obama donors: 282 giving $141,731 | Romney donors: 11 giving $8,610

Dartmouth College: Obama donors: 90 giving $51,018 | Romney donors: 6 giving $2,850

Harvard University: Obama donors: 555 giving $373,556 | Romney donors: 30 giving $34,500

Princeton University: Obama donors: 277 giving $155,008 | Romney donors: 4 giving $1,901

University of Pennsylvania: Obama donors: 376 giving $209,839 | Romney donors: 26 giving $22,900

Yale University: Obama donors: 399 giving $186,834 | Romney donors: 13 giving $8,655

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  1. But of course, this kind of nearly total political uniformity has NO effect on the educational environment or product. Just like the fact that nearly all media people are liberals/Dems does not affect how they do their job.

  2. You have to understand: The Ivies are holding out for an even better candidate than Obama–a half-black, half-Mexican transgender person who’s always been on government assistance and has no relevant work experience, but can recite every known PC talking point like a crooked televangelist can quote Scripture.

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