Exposed Castro prison chief who fled to Miami returns to Cuba

Nothing like the light of truth to send the pests scurrying back into the cracks and crevices:

Ex-prison chief returns to Cuba amid charges, controversy in U.S., reports say

MIAMI-Crescencio Marino Rivero, a former Cuba prisons chief who moved to Miami, has returned to the island amid charges that he abused prisoners and ahead of a federal immigration investigation that could land him in jail, according to reports.

Dissident journalist Jorge Luis Artiles Montiel said he saw Rivero Tuesday in their hometown of Santa Clara, at a grocery shop near where Rivero and his wife, Juana Ferrer, lived before leaving the country two years ago.

Rivero, 71, told acquaintances at the store that the couple returned to Cuba Monday “because the situation in Miami was very difficult,” Artiles told El Nuevo Herald. Rivero added that the couple planned to spend some time in Cuba and return to Miami later.

Their Miami telephone has been disconnected and a woman who answered the door at their apartment Friday said only that they were not there. Their daughter, Anabel Rivero, a Miami resident, denied her parents had returned to Cuba but declined further comment.

Miami immigration attorney Santiago Alpizar said two confidential sources told him Rivero was back in Santa Clara. And Artiles said another city resident who did not want to be identified also reported seeing him Thursday.

Artiles, a dissident journalist who writes for the independent Cubanacan news agency, said he spotted the former prison chief at the neighborhood grocery store where Rivero and Ferrer shopped before moving to Miami.

Artiles, who said he knew Rivero from his four prison stints totaling 13 years, later followed Rivero to the Cardoso neighborhood and was told the couple is staying with a relative in that area.

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6 thoughts on “Exposed Castro prison chief who fled to Miami returns to Cuba”

  1. “added that the couple planned to spend some time in Cuba and return to Miami later.”

    This is the worst part, so they’re planning to stay in Cuba for a while and return on a later date to Miami when things cools off.

    What kind of bullshit this is?

    Why this bullshit “relajo” of coming from and going back to Cuba is being allowed by the US to begin with?

  2. “The only shame is that hundreds of others like them in Miami haven’t followed suit.”

    There are thousand of later Cuban arrivals that I would strip of their citizenship/residence and ship them back to Cuba the next day.

    They deserve to live with their uncle Fidel. We don’t need them here to corrupt our environment, these are the characters that support Obama.

  3. There’s no point expecting people like these to have any shame or do anything except try to get whatever they can from wherever they can get it, including the US government they once so vehemently condemned. That means the real problem is the system HERE that allows them to get away with this kind of shit, either out of incompetence or indifference.

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