Here’s Your Sign

Just saw this on my Facebook feed and dug around a little to make sure it was authentic and not a photoshop. Here, here, here, and here were good enough for me.

Here’s another from Twitchy (a couple more at the link)…

Commenters at Twitchy try to spell out the cold hard facts to the disgruntled Egyptians.

Also loyalty to the nervous Morsi by the police and the army is being questioned as the protests escalate.

8 thoughts on “Here’s Your Sign”

  1. It would appear that the photos have only been out for several hours, and seem to be restricted to blogs so far. They might make some morning newspapers here. And I imagine at least some of the MSM (e.g. Fox) will have them on air sooner or later.

    The person writing at an Egypt based blog (see below) claims to have been at the demonstrations, seems to be on the up and up, and has many, many photos to prove it. Including one of the Obama dictator signs. So, looks legit to me. The Obama dictator sign is about half way down on this page:

  2. Priceless.
    No one knows how this will end up but over the past couple of days I’ve found a strange admiration for the Egyptian protesters. Now that their Islamic kool-aid effect has worn off and their electoral blunder has boomeranged against them,to their credit, instead of welcoming their bearded dictator with “Esta es tu case, Morsi”, they are pushing back. Some of our brethren could take a hint.

  3. And yet and yet why is it only men who are protesting? Will it remain a Sharia state without Morsi with women remaining second class citizens? And will it befriend Israel? Can good come from this? We wish it so but what will happen?

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