Yeah, great, but how about used jock straps for Cuban men?

Hey, this is a case of sexual discrimination.  Why limit this great project to women?  Cuban men would be so grateful to receive used calzoncillos and jock straps too.

This is also ultimate proof of the failure of the so-called Revolution and of  the condescending disdain that infects so many of those who wrap up their visits to Castro’s human zoo with the mantle of  altruisim.

Hard to believe that Cuba had a higher percentage of university-educated women than the United States back  in 1958.  And that if any of them had been offered a used bra by a foreigner, she would have probably used that bra to strangle the person who offered it.

Absolutely revolting.    Lowest of the low.  El colmo…..

From the WKU Herald:

Western Kentucky University students requesting used bras for Cuban women.

Maciena Justice
The campus was peppered with fliers asking for gently used bras last Monday. The Facebook campaign “Bras 4 Cuba” was kicked off in the name of charity.

Louisville seniors Tracy Jo Ingram and Meg Kennedy are collecting “extra feminine” products for a study abroad trip during winter term. In conjunction with the Gender & Women’s Studies program,
Ingram and Kennedy will deliver bras and feminine hygiene products to a rural health clinic in Cuba.

In order to fund the trip, Ingram and Kennedy wrote essays to receive a scholarship from Division of Extended Learning & Outreach, Ingram said.
“On contingency of the DELO scholarship we must complete a service project,” Ingram said.

Because of her passion for women’s rights, she decided to do something for the women of Cuba.

“There are no women shelters,” Ingram said. “We knew we could do the basics — pads, tampons, bras.”

Meg Kennedy said a few acquaintances, who had been to Cuba, expressed a concern for women, saying that it was hard to come by undergarments and even hard to find hygiene products.
The team knew what they wanted to collect — it was just a matter of how to go about it. They came up with the slogan ‘Got bras?’

“We thought about what would be cute to catch eyes,” Kennedy said. “We wanted a DIY look (for the fliers).”

Ingram and Kennedy both said they didn’t know what to expect when they kicked off their campaign.

Once the event hit Facebook, it took off. Ingram said they started hearing from a lot of women. Family members in other states began sending items, and the girls set up several collection areas in Louisville. There is also a sorority at the University of Kentucky that has decided to collect feminine items for Kennedy and Ingram.

“It’s so overwhelming,” Kennedy said.

On campus, collection boxes are located in the Women’s Studies office and the English department’s office. Donors can request special pick-up if they can’t get to a donation box.

“Bras 4 Cuba” isn’t the only service project for Cuba. Another group of students is collecting hotel and sample-sized soaps and shampoos.

“We just thought we would do it all out,” Ingram said.

The pair will be donating all the items to a health clinic in Las Terrazas, Pinar Del Rio.

“We want to collect more than we could ever expect,” Kennedy said.

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  1. Maybe they’ll get their non informed liberal asses thrown in jail like Alan Gross, as these bras could be labeled ‘subersive”

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