Define Irony: The Plight of Obama-Worshiping Hollywood’s Golden Idol Makers in Chicago

I doubt I need to spell out the elements of this story that make it fit into the ironic category: A Chicago based company. Those unwashed worker bees that manufacture the coveted golden false idols the rich Hollywood elitist limo-libs treasure. Hollywood’s breathless campaigning and selling of the fool’s gold Obama to the weak-minded who hang on their every word as gospel.

While it is not clear if the 95 lay offs are related to the company being sold and union issues, or cutbacks due to the economy and all that comes with the Obama re-election as other companies have and are dealing with, it is still quite ironic

R.S. Owens & Co. Inc., known for manufacturing the Oscar and Emmy awards, plans to lay off 95 employees, according to the most recent report from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. The reason for the layoffs was not provided in the report.

Last month, Chicago-based R.S. Owens was acquired by St. Regis Crystal Inc. of Indianapolis. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

According to the state report, the company’s dismissals are effective Dec. 17, the same date St. Regis’ ownership takes effect. It is not clear whether the layoffs are permanent or a transitional procedure leading to the workers’ hiring by St. Regis. Neither company were immediately available for comment.

The 95 layoffs equal more than a third of R.S. Owens’ staff, which numbers 251, according to Bloomberg.

In a statement about last month’s deal, R.S. Owens said it would continue to manufacture its products at its location in Jefferson Park. This includes the Oscar statuettes for the Academy Awards and television’s Emmy awards as well as awards for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nascar Pepsi Max 400, the Cotton Bowl and “American Idol.”

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I just wonder if, say, Michael Moore (who feeds on the misfortune and suffering of others), George Clooney and Jamie Foxx (and the rest of those top 1% 2%-ers) are aware and concerned for these 95 people now being laid off during the holiday season. I’m sure they are hard at work right now planning some big fundraiser for those blue-collar workers.

Speaking of lard-ass Moore and the rest of wealth-scolding/wealth-guilt Hollywood, have a look at our tax dollars at work for super-size Mikey and Hollywood in “state subsidies for Hollywood films and studios – a frequent practice that often reaps very little in tax revenue or long-term jobs.” For all Hollywood’s caterwauling demands to tax the rich more in this country, it is time to start with them.

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  1. I cut TV completely out of my life years ago and can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater. It’s been a good while since I even rented a movie, and now I’m QUITE disinclined to spend any money on the entertainment industry. I know for a fact I do NOT need it or its wares, and I loathe its general attitude and abhor its politics. In other words, don’t call me; I’ll call you, when and if I feel you deserve it.

  2. I can, in all honesty, tell everyone in TV, movies and popular music: “As far as I’m concerned, you’re not only irrelevant and inconsequential; you do not exist. I have zero need for you or whatever it is you do. I have better options, and I use them. Furthermore, anyone could adopt my position by simply choosing to do so. It’s really not difficult–at all.”

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