U.S. news agency reports on Cuban teen who was viciously attacked with a knife for defending dissidents

At least one American news organization has picked up the story of Berenice Hector Gonzalez, a fifteen-year-old girl in Cuba who was viciously attacked by the knife-wielding daughter of a Castro State Security official for defending dissidents on the island.

Via Fox News Latino:

Cuba Teen is Brutally Attacked for Defending Human Rights Group

Cienfuegos, Cuba –  A teenage girl in Cuba who was defending the human rights group Ladies in White allegedly was stabbed by another teenager who reportedly is the daughter of a police captain, according to The Miami Herald.

The alleged victim, Berenice Hector Gonzalez, is the niece of Ladies in White member Belkis Felicia Jorrin Morfa, the paper said. Gonzalez is said to have ended up with such serious injuries that she underwent a four-hour operation and got nearly 70 stitches.

Dissidents, who told El Nuevo Herald about the incident, said that the alleged perpetrator, Dailiana Planchez Torres, used a switchblade and repeatedly stabbed Gonzalez all over her body, almost severing her vocal chords. They complained that Torres had not been arrested.

The Miami Herald, the sister publication of El Nuevo Herald, reports that the Nov. 4 attack occurred after Gonzalez told Torres “to stop insulting her family and the Ladies in White.”

“We are dismayed by this attack and, above all, by the lack of response from the authorities,” Berta Soler, a leader of the female group, told El Nuevo Herald in a phone interview from Havana. “We are demanding justice here.”

“This started when I heard her refer to the Ladies in White as shameless prostitutes,” Gonzalez told El Nuevo Herald. “I told her that I didn’t like what she was saying because four of my relatives, four women, are in that group.”

The Ladies in White were formed in 2003 by wives and relatives seeking the release of 75 dissidents rounded up that year and given long prison sentences.

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  1. Look, this is just, you know, some ethnic Caribbean islander thing, and we shouldn’t be judgmental about their, uh, culture. That would be, like, racist. They’re probably competing for the same guy or something, and this is just how they deal with that sort of situation. Besides, the girl who got sliced up has free health care, so it’s all good. Now all she has to do is gain enough weight to qualify for the obese ballet corps, and she’ll be all set. You people are always blowing things all out of proportion.

  2. As for the attacker being convicted and jailed, it’s NOT happening. She’s much more likely to be rewarded.

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