Pirates of the Caribbean update 2,783

Castronoid officials once again reiterated their ransom demands for Alan Gross,  brazenly.  The pirate kingdom has no shame.  They’ve also resorted to one of their favorite tactics: flipping the truth on its head and accusing their opponents of lying.

How long will it take for the U.S. government to cave in to the ransom demands?    Hang on to your teeth, this roller coaster is about to speed up.

Cuba says US lying about jailed American’s health
By By Paul Haven on December 06, 2012

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba accused the United States of lying about the health and conditions of confinement of a jailed American government subcontractor, and pushed back Wednesday against an apparent U.N. ruling that his 15-year sentence is arbitrary and a violation of his human rights.

Josefina Vidal, the top Cuba diplomat for North American affairs, also said it was unrealistic to expect Cuba to free Maryland resident Alan Gross “unilaterally” — a clear demand for U.S. concessions in the case of five Cuban intelligence agents sentenced in Florida to long prison terms.

The U.S. government “is directly responsible for the situation that led to the detention and judgment and trial of Mr. Alan Gross so we have to sit down together, to look together for a solution to this case,” she said.

Vidal said Cuba had received word from the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on Tuesday that it ruled in Gross’ favor, though the decision had not yet been made public.

While the ruling is a public relations hit to Cuba, the body has no enforcement powers. Vidal said the same agency determined in 2005 that the U.S. jailing of the five Cuban agents was arbitrary.

Vidal said Cuba has repeatedly made its terms known to U.S. officials and has not gotten a response. Diplomats and the White House have flatly ruled out a prisoner swap, at least in public comments…

Vidal reiterated that a team of Cuban doctors performed a biopsy and found no evidence the growth was cancerous. She hinted that Cuba would release more tests if the accusations by U.S. political and diplomatic officials continue.

“The U.S. government is lying once again to the public, saying that Mr. Gross has cancer and does not receive adequate medical care,” she said. “These lies have not stopped, even after the results of the biopsy conducted on the lesion on his back were delivered to his family and U.S. authorities.”

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  1. Has the actual biopsy been reviewed by US specialists, or did Cuba just give out a verbal or written report? Confirmation of the biopsy diagnosis made in Cuba requires that the biopsy itself be looked at, as often happens when cancer is an issue and the biopsy material is sent to different doctors for their diagnosis. If the Gross family has not asked for this, it certainly should.

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