Dear John… again

What the hell are you doing? (I started to write my second “Dear John” letter when I came across this. It says all that needs to be said.)

It’s a contest of wills and guess who is winning? President Obama, of course. And that’s because the president is up against the GOP’s equivalent of Churchill’s “Boneless Wonder,” Speaker John Boehner. Matched against the president, Boehner is making Ned Beatty’s hapless character from the classic movie Deliverance look downright gritty.

Boehner the Boneless Wonder’s beta dog routine is doing much to deep-six the Party of Lincoln. Hyperbole? Don’t grumpy grassroots conservatives grouse incessantly that establishment Republicans are screwing the — well, putting it more politely, screwing it up and that the Grand Old Party will go the way of the pterodactyl?

For the insulated tin-eared prowlers of the halls of Congress (Boehner being chief), hear this: The times, they have a-changed — radically so. The context is dramatically different today than America before the Hugo Chavez-in-chief wanna-be in the White House, the august and empurpled Barack Hussein Obama, took the nation’s reins (“On Dancer, on Comet, on Boehner!)

As of this writing, there’s been no stout opposition — no bold proclamation of principles, no declaration of a fight for limited government and liberty — from the speaker in the teeth of the president’s insistence to tax the lights out of “rich” Americans (and, shhh!, every other working American, too, eventually). Boehner and his lackey GOP colleagues remind the history-minded of the French in the face of the Nazi blitzkrieg: throw up those white flags before the speaker’s perfect hair is mussed.

As Dana Milbank opines in The Washington Post:

One of Boehner’s lieutenants, Pete Roskam of Illinois, stepped to the microphones, essentially pleading for the president to show mercy. “President Obama has an unbelievable opportunity to be a transformational president — that is, to bring the country together,” he said. “Or he can devolve into zero-sum-game politics, where he wins and other people lose.”

“Please, please, don’t hurt us, Mr. President,” goes Roskam’s tiny squeaky voice. “We triple-promise to be good little establishment monkeys and play along. You’re so big and brawny and buffed, why, us 98-pound weaklings just want to get along — for the sake of the country, of course.” (Steve Schmidt, cue “Dueling Banjos.”)

Maybe the House Republicans should bring Pee-wee Herman in to be speaker. Why have a mere facsimile in Boehner? […]

No balls. No principles.

4 thoughts on “Dear John… again”

  1. Republican asswipes are quite ready to be effectively eunuchs as long as they can have a certain position and its perks. They’re not in the game to win it, but to keep playing. Winning takes extra effort, energy, talent and RISK. These people are not prepared to go down fighting; they’re CAREER politicians. Boehner, of course, is painfully and embarrassingly ineffectual, to put it kindly. He shouldn’t have remained Speaker even under a Romney presidency, so with a Dem in office it’s just that much worse. The spectacle is distinctly depressing.

  2. Indeed George,

    The GOP establishment has strayed so far away from Ronald W. Reagan’s principles and the worst part is that they don’t have the balls to stand up to Obama and company.

    On the other hand, the liberals, Obama and company have more determination to stand up for their crooked, Communist/Marxist/Socialist values than these current crop of RINOs will ever do for conservative values.

    Understood the MSM makes it easy for them thought. The GOP wished they had unwavering MSM support on their side. Nevertheless the GOP should stand their ground and they don’t. That shows what a bunch of ball-less wimps they have become.

    No wonder America is in such ugly shape with politicians that cannot understand what’s at stake these days and no freaking courage and principles to fight for America.

    I just wonder who in the world castrated these GOP characters. The word pendejos is too mild to describe them.

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