Cuba: At least 44 Ladies in White arrested after attending church services

Despite reports to the contrary, violent repression in Cuba continues unabated as the dictatorship of the Castro family once again attacks the peaceful human rights group, The Ladies in White. Not one to shy away from irony, the Castro regime chose the eve of International Human Rights Day to flex its muscles and arrest 44 peaceful women as they left church services yesterday.

44 is the number so far confirmed, but as opposition leader Angel Moya reported from Cuba last night, the number of women arrested could be closer to 100.

Via Uncommon Sense:

44 Damas De Blanco arrested in Havana while leaving Sunday Mass

On the eve of international Human Rights Day, the Castro dictatorship on Sunday unleashed a wave of repression against members of one of the nation’s most effective opposition groups, the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White.”

In Havana, Castroite goons forced into buses 44 Damas who had just attended Mass.

State Security says the women were detained for their own protection from a mob.

With “protection” like that, who needs almost 54 years of repression.

More coverage at Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Dozens of Ladies in White and other activists beaten and arrested leaving Santa Rita Church today
We cannot celebrate Human Rights Day here in Cuba. We can’t because they repress us and beat us. Right now there’s an act of repudiation in front of the Ladies in White headquarters.” – Bertha Soler, Lady in White, The Associated Press, December 9, 2011


Bertha Soler arrested today in Havana, Cuba

Update: 7:49pm December 9, 2012: Angel Moya reports over twitter that “More than 100 Ladies in White were violently arrested in on the eve of December 10, institutionalized violence against women.”

Bertha Soler made the statement at the top of the page one year ago today. She is unavailable for comment today because she along with 44 other Ladies in White was beaten up, dragged, and arrested emerging from Santa Rita Church in Havana, Cuba.

On the eve of International Human Rights Day in Cuba 45 Ladies in White and at least eight activists were arrested and beaten by agents of the Castro regime. The mainstream news based in Havana so far has been silent but Cuban independent journalists and activists are once again scooping the news bureaus via twitter. These journalists have a lot more to lose than being deported from Cuba. For example, Calixto Ramon Martinez Arias is on day 29 of a hunger strike protesting his unjust imprisonment since September 16, 2012. Another Cuban writer, Angel Santiesteban, has been sentenced to five years in prison for thinking differently and having the courage to set it down to paper.

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