Young Cuban girl continues to defy the regime

More on the story of Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo, a courageous fifteen-year-old girl in Cuba who in spite of the violence and repression suffered by her parents and mistreatment by her teachers and Communist Party officials, she remains an intrepid dissident.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Adolescent dissident maintains position after being mistreated by professors in her school

Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo

Just days from turning 15, Martha Beatriz Ferrer Cantillo– daughter of renown dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Lady in White Belkis Cantillo Ramirez– is being victim of a blackmail and harassment campaign at the hands of functionaries of the Communist Party and teachers from her school, the Pre-University of Palmarito de Cauto. The smear campaign culminated in an argument and a physical aggression against the young student when she expressed her opinion during a political act which she had been tricked into attending during class time.

Ferrer Cantillo says that harassment against her and the rest of her family is constant, but that in the last two weeks it has increased in school. “The professors and the members of the Communist Party are very bothered because the students in my class agree with me when I say my opinion“, said the youth, “it hurts them that I have friends and that they visit my house often“.

In addition, points out Ferrer, “a few days ago a professor started teaching a history class, in which he said that in Cuba human rights were not violated, to which I raised my hand and responded, saying that it wasn’t true. And my classmates agreed with me“.

This past Monday, December 10th, precisely when International Human Rights Day was being celebrated throughout the world, the professors of her school announced a mandatory activity. When Martha Beatriz asked if it was a political act- which she always refuses to attend- all her professors assured her that it was a “common” activity. She noticed that this allegation wasn’t true upon entering the place, seeing that in fact it was a political activity.

The event started with a couple of kids from the primary school- who were being manipulated and pressured by the professors- who went up on stage and started saying that human rights are respected in Cuba, and that Fidel Castro is one of the leaders of the revolution who most respects these rights“, recounts Martha Beatriz, who did not wait to respond. “I quickly said that in Cuba human rights are not respected- nothing of the sort. Suddenly, a member of the Communist Party hit me on my arm and told me to shut up, saying that I did not have the right to say that“.

At that moment, the adolescent left the classroom, declaring that she would not return to school until her opinions are respected.

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