Obama’s Vision for Cuba Turns a Blind Eye Towards History

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Obama’s Vision for Cuba Turns a Blind Eye Towards History

Dhttp://shark-tank.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/cuba-consulate-300x223.jpguring a recent trip to Key West, I was fortunate to snap a couple of pics of the old Cuban embassy that was recently restored after it was severely damaged in a fire several years back.  While appreciating the embassy’s historical value, I began to think about the extent of how much Cuba-U.S relations have suffered since the beginning of Fidel Castro’s repressive regime.

Today, the Cuban-American community in South Florida, once considered a solid Republican constituency has become more supportive of Democrats as greater numbers of younger Cuban-Americans seem to have forgotten the past and don’t regard today’s Cuban government in the same adversarial manner that their forebears continue to do.

These younger Cuban-Americans in question are two and three generations removed from their relatives who directly endured the physical and emotional pain inflicted by Fidel Castro’s Communist regime, so it is increasingly apparent that the younger generation’s support of Obama and other Democrats is the result of historical illiteracy and a lack of regard for their people’s sufferings more than anything else.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Vision for Cuba Turns a Blind Eye Towards History”

  1. Cuban-Americans are fragmented, they are also nonchalant and cavalier about things. Many young Cuban-Americans have internalized the hatred that is directed against the C-A community [i.e. “Miami Mafia,” “right-wingers,” “Banana Republic”] and they use it against their own people in an endeavor to ingratiate themselves with the mainstream. If it is politically correct to vote for Obama, and attack your own people, then hell bells, they’ll do it too! Then there are the monsters of avarice [Gloria Estefan is a prime example] whose only interest is making money. Remember how she hosted Obama and how she came out and attacked the Cuban American community when her business interests were jeopadised because the City of Miami didn’t want MIDEM [that recording industry organization] to hold a meeting in Miami? That’s pretty typical of a large segment of the Cuban American community. Finally, there are the cubanoids who only want to send money back to Cuba. I used to know one who used to live off of welfare and he would send money to his family. If anyone criticized him for sending our tax dollars to Cuba, he would start screaming hysterically and wish a horrible death about you!

    I hate castro and what he has done to Cuba and I yearn to see Cuba free more than anything else, but I’m starting to hate the Cuban American community and how they are unable to get their shit together. If castro is in Cuba, its because of us.

  2. Political opportunism was always a problem in Cuba. Most people who went “revolutionary” only did it after there was no risk but only potential gain. It’s no different in principle with the current-day opportunists and/or fashion victims, and it’s hardly limited to Cubans. However, given the magnitude of the Cuban catastrophe, there is really no excuse for such lack of dignity and of seriousness, but alas, people who have no shame can’t feel any. It is what it is.

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