4 thoughts on “Photo of the day — Cynicism in Cuba”

  1. They look so pious, don’t they? Well, it’s no more cynical than Chavez has been. But you know what they’re thinking: “When the fuck is this shit gonna be over so we can get the hell out of here?”And if you think this is revolting, wait for the Cardinal Ortega show–by the way, he’s been awfully quiet lately, no?

  2. Freaking incredible!

    These thugs spent years keeping the Cuban people away from the RCC and now go to Church to pray for the life of another thug that belongs in Hell while the Ladies in White are regularly beaten after leaving Church’s services.

    Don’t know what else to say…

  3. Maduro trusts more in the spirits of the Mayas of the Andes, but you never know, so might try the RCC as well. I mean after all Chavez is the “father, guide, brother and friend” of the Venezuelan people (quoting Elias Jaua, former vice president).

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