Chavez death watch: $#@!%$# @&*^%$ #&^!@! …. !!! y requete *&^%&#@^*!!!

Saddamito el Platanito Maduro interprets the Venezuelan constitution on television
Saddamito el Platanito Maduro interprets a microscopic copy of the Venezuelan constitution on television

Power grab being carefully coordinated in Havana and Caracas

While many of Venezuela’s top officials gather in Castrolandia to carefully plan their next move and many Cuban military officials strategize with the Venezuelan army in Venezuela, Saddam Hussein-look-alike Nicolas Maduro, hand-picked successor to Chavez, is ramping up his Orwellian rhetoric and spinning a new interpretation of the Venezuelan constitution.

In what should be recorded as one of the most daring feats of Orwellian newspeak, Maduro insisted today that preventing the moribund Chavez from assuming the presidency would be a blow against democracy.

No real surprise here.  But the brazenness of it all is appalling.  It calls to mind the Anschluss of 1938.  Yeah.  Maybe also Czechoslovakia. And just wait till you see Obama’s Chamberlainesque response to this charade over the next few weeks.  John Kerry will be dancing for joy as he gets sworn in, and as Barney Frank takes his senate seat.

Raul Castro is probably looking forward to this very much, and Fidel — if any of his zombie brain is still working — must be deliriously happy.

It might all be worse than many have imagined.  While constitutional expert and dictator-in-waiting Maduro spins his rhetorical web, there are reports that a huge Cuban military occupational force is getting ready to help him seize power and further the creation of Cubazuela.  Read about that HERE, in Spanish.

And from the BBC, here is the Orwellian twist on these distressing developments:

Saddamito el Platanito Maduro: Chavez can delay oath and stay in power

The Venezuelan government has said President Hugo Chavez can begin his new six-year term in office on Thursday, even if he is too ill to attend a swearing-in ceremony.

Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said the Supreme Court could swear in Mr Chavez at a later date.

He dismissed opposition calls for new elections should Mr Chavez not attend.

President Chavez is in Cuba struggling to recover from his latest round of surgery to treat cancer.

He has not been seen in public since the operation more than three weeks ago.

Observers have different interpretations of what it would mean if Mr Chavez misses his inauguration on Thursday.

Some in the opposition have said that if Mr Chavez is still in Cuba, power should pass to the speaker of parliament, and new elections should be held 30 days.

But Mr Maduro said Thursday was not a fixed deadline, and that there was no reason to declare Mr Chavez’s “absolute absence” from office.

“The formality of his swearing-in can be resolved in the Supreme Court,” he said.

“The president right now is president,” he said, waving a pocket-sized copy of the constitution.

“Don’t mess with the people. Respect democracy.”

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2 thoughts on “Chavez death watch: $#@!%$# @&*^%$ #&^!@! …. !!! y requete *&^%&#@^*!!!”

  1. Latrine America always stunk, it’s just that in this modern world of today with modern media we get a better awareness of what goes on south of the border.

    The fact that the Venezuelan people have been tolerating Chavez and his goons BS act for the last fourteen years speaks volumes on what they are made off.

    The Venezuelan people, who are still allowed private ownership of firearms (unlike Castro did in Cuba from the very beginning) should have revolted years ago and booted Chavez from power.

    Unfortunately they don’t have what it takes.

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