As a U.S. citizen rots in a Cuban prison, Castro’s agents get visas to USA

More on the Obama State Department’s dangerous and scandalous policy of blithely granting visas to the Cuban dictatorship’s henchmen and propagandists.

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

As a U.S. citizen rots in a Cuban prison, Castro’s agents get visas to USA

Cuban repressor Adalberto Sánchez Sorit (shirtless) has a US Visa

On August 4, 2011 the Obama Administration announced a ban on visas for people who the State Department finds have been involved in human rights violations, but it now appears that Cuban state security agents and their willing accomplices are being exempted from this presidential directive.

The pictures in the video above were sent by human rights activist Yoan David González Milanes, of the November 30 Democratic Party and the National Front for Civic Resistance OZT, from Santa Cruz del Sur, Camaguey, where you can see the alleged repressor and state security agent Adalberto Sánchez Sorit (who is scheduled to travel to the U.S.) participating in an act of repudiation against activists at their home. Additionally, you can see the repressor’s sister Hilda Sánchez Sorit and his wife Mayra Esquivel, also participating in the repudiation act. All three are known repressors of nonviolent activists in the Cuban province.

It appears that the presidential directive has not been vigorously enforced because it would as Human Rights Watch observed “strengthen the US government’s commitment and capacity to prevent mass atrocities and other grave human rights violations around the world” and Miami would not be filled the Castro regime’s henchmen. The directive signed by President Obama is clear. Now the question remains when will it be vigorously enforced or this another demonstration of how the Administration has extended a hand to the Castro regime?

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3 thoughts on “As a U.S. citizen rots in a Cuban prison, Castro’s agents get visas to USA”

  1. I am in no way inciting violence, but there are other ways of protesting.
    He will likely visit Miami and go to the stores and restaurants that are Cuban-American owned. Does it not make sense to make his visit miserable? How about at least not allowing him to spend his money in the Miami establishments? How about shunning anyone and everyone that associates with him?
    Why not? Could it be that it would be too uncomfortable. You know the name and have his photo. Once we make visiting the US more uncomfortable perhaps we could dissuade at least some from coming. Too often the written word replaces the necessary spoken words and actions.

  2. That pathetic, useless, piece of shit doesn’t look like he’s missed any meals. I guess his MININT handlers are taking good care of him. His sidekick appears to be a walking advertisement for ‘free’ medical/dental care…oh, what a glorious paradise. Unfortunately, and disgracefully, too many of those “Cuban people” now litter our community…..unfrigginbelievable.

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