Mess O’ Caracas Getting Messier

Is he or isn't he? Only his Cuban handlers know for sure.
Is he or isn’t he? Only his Cuban handlers know for sure.

Well, now they’ve admitted the obvious. The only surprise is that they didn’t wait until Thursday.

Chavez will not be able to show up for his inauguration on Thursday. Awww.  What a letdown, and such a shock.   No one could see that coming.  Sure.

For all we know, he could have died during surgery, several weeks ago.  Or yesterday.  Castronoids control all the information.

Guided at every step by their handlers in Castrolandia, the Chavistas are sticking to the autocratic Orwellian newspeak playbook.  They’re rescuing democracy, don’t you know that?

What happens next is no mystery: the Chavistas will most probably pull off their coup and when Hugo dies or his death is acknowledged — probably very soon — they will Leninize his body, turn him into a messianic figure, and push ahead with their Chavista plan to create a monster state of Cubazuela.

Whether they can pull it off remains to be seen, but given the momentum they seem to have and the utter passivity and complicity in Washington, they will most probably get their way.

From The Washington Post, proud sponsor of  Oliphant Cubanophobic cartoons:

Venezuelan government says Hugo Chavez won’t attend scheduled swearing-in

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez won’t be able to attend his scheduled swearing-in this week, Venezuela’s government announced Tuesday, confirming suspicions that the leader’s illness will keep him in a Cuban hospital past the key date.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro broke the news in a letter to National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, saying on the recommendation of Chavez’s medical team, his recovery process “should be extended beyond Jan. 10” and for that reason he won’t be able to attend Thursday’s scheduled inauguration.

Maduro said Chavez was invoking a provision in the constitution allowing him to be sworn in before the Supreme Court at a “later date.” Cabello announced he had received the request during a legislative session.

Tensions between the government and opposition have been building in a constitutional dispute over whether the ailing president’s swearing-in can legally be postponed. The president underwent his fourth cancer-related surgery in Cuba last month and hasn’t spoken publicly in a month.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said earlier Tuesday that Chavez’s current term constitutionally ends Thursday and that the Supreme Court should rule in the matte

Other opposition leaders have argued that the inauguration cannot legally be put off and that the National Assembly president should take over as interim president if Chavez hasn’t returned from Cuba on inauguration day.

“The Supreme Court has to take a position on what the text of the constitution says,” said Capriles, who lost to Chavez in presidential elections three months ago. “There is no monarchy here, and we aren’t in Cuba.”

However, Capriles said he saw no reason to bring a formal challenge to the Supreme Court because it was obliged to issue a ruling on the dispute.

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  1. If our chief Supreme Court justice is as politically compromised as he proved to be, what can one expect in Venezuela?

  2. “The Supreme Court will be considering the matter at great length. It may take a while. A long while. Don’t call us; we’ll call you. Have a nice day.”

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