Non-inauguration day in Caracastan: no bang yet, just millions of whimpers

Maria Corina Machado
Maria Corina Machado

Opposition leader in Venenozuela makes unsubstantiated charge on CNN.

No news yet on whether Ted Turner — Fidel’s ole huntin’ buddy — will discipline superjournalist Christiane Amanpour and reporter Samuel Burke for allowing a Chavez opponent to say that Venenozuela is now being run by Castrolandia’s military junta.

Maria Corina Machado, the opposition leader interviewed by Amanpour, also gets to linger on the CNN web site, on a video.  Her “allegations” remain uncensored.  For now, at least.

Venezuelan lawmaker: ‘Cuba making decisions for Venezuela’
By Samuel Burke, CNN

The Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that President Hugo Chavez’ inauguration can be postponed.

The court also ruled that in the meantime, Chavez’ handpicked vice president, Nicolás Maduro, should run the government.

Opposition lawmaker Maria Corina Machado told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she believes the Venezuelan constitution clearly states that the National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello, should run a caretaker government before new elections are called.

“Why violate the constitution at this point?” Machado asked rhetorically, pointing out that this move would keep power with the “Chavistas,” not transfer control to any opposition party.

Cecilia Sosa, a former president of the Supreme Court told CNN that she believes the Supreme Court’s decision is unconstitutional, and also agreed that the constitution says National Assembly President Cabello should serve as caretaker president, not Vice President Maduro.

Machado said that choosing the vice president over the National Assembly President exposes serious internal divisions and mistrust among the “Chavista” groups.

“This is a decision that was clearly taken in Cuba by the Cubans,” Machado alleged to Amanpour.

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4 thoughts on “Non-inauguration day in Caracastan: no bang yet, just millions of whimpers”

  1. It truly amazes me how stupid these Venezuelans are. We all know they have never been known for much here, there, or anywhere – but damn.

    First of all, Diosdado Cabello is a prominent member of Chave’s regime, so what damn difference does it make if it’s him or Maduro who replace Chavez. NONE.

    Secondly, do these people still believe their current government runs within the frame of their constitution? Or that Socialista Unido cares if they don’t by this point? After 14 years marked by communist rhetoric, the closing of news agencies, expropriation of private property, intimidation of opponents, intervention into private markets, mockery of elections, etc (the list is long). Really? I think they are a little late to see what’s happening, as they always have.

    Our Cuban disgrace, although embarrassing in its own way, was the result of another period when communism in America was received as a joke, the result of international intervention and betrayal, and something much more abrupt and bloody.

    Of course Cuba is running Venezuela and Venezuelan petroleum/contraband financing Cuba as a result, that’s not new. Very stupid they have all been in thinking that by simply waiting for the next “election”, I mean charade, or simply protesting in the street they were going to achieve anything besides blocking traffic.

    Indeed, they are totally unlike Cubans, they are much dumber. Their only fortune is the absence of a Soviet Union, otherwise they would have been marching for rice a long time ago and with less resistance.

    Had this ever happened in Colombia half of Chavez’s party members would have been murdered by know and his regime would have been long history a la Allende, forget it. Venezuela is paying, and will continue to pay, the price for its cowardliness, ignorance, and stupidity. That’s the sad part, it’s already too late, the machinery is already in place over people who require less violence to subdue than Cubans and Castro Inc. has found its new host to continue on their Orwellian destruction of Cuba.

  2. Ditto Gallardo,

    The most ironic part is that Venezuelans get insulted if you tell them what you just posted…

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