Chuck Hagel and My Low Hanging Fruit Theory

Great piece by Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo on Obama Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel:

Hagel has worked assiduously in favor of lifting the trade embargo, calling the policy “outdated, unrealistic, irrelevant policy.” And he was instrumental in blocking legislation to grant Elian Gonzales citizenship.

The Castro regime, of course, has grown increasingly close to the Iranian regime and has allied itself with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In seizing and imprisoning an American, Alan Gross, it has advocated a swap with the so-called Cuban five spies (a position strenuously opposed by the U.S. Senate).

The Obama presidency will need a legacy and given their leadership ineptitude, they’ll most likely go for the low hanging fruit: Barrack Obama, the President who single-handedly lifted the archaic, inhumane, and ridiculous US embargo on Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Chuck Hagel and My Low Hanging Fruit Theory”

  1. So let’s see: The fate suffered by Elián was precisely what “those people” vehemently warned would happen if he went back to the place from where his mother died to remove him. He was deliberately and methodically turned into a pitiful robot, a trained monkey that gets trotted out by his owners to recite regime-speak whenever it suits them, a political propaganda trophy despite Fidel Castro’s promise to the contrary (surprise!). In light of that, has Hagel ever proffered a single word of concern or regret, let alone shame or guilt? I haven’t heard any such word, neither from him nor any of the other prominent promoters of sending the child back to totalitarian hell. But of course, Hagel cared SO much about this little boy, he was SO concerned for his future, and he understood the situation SO much better than “those people” that, well, what was he to do? Like Lenin reportedly said, gotta break some eggs to make an omelet, or something. Revulsion barely begins to cover it. And by the way, don’t EVER ask my mother how she’d feel about you if you’d done for her child what Hagel did for Elián.

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