Geraghty: “Benghazi Hearings Mark End of Accountability, Forever”


This morning, on his radio program, Glenn Beck cited Hillary’s counter-interrogation tactics during her testimony on Benghazi yesterday in both enabling houses of the U.S. Congress. He’s right. Over these last couple months of her reported medical delays in testifying the woman has been, and expectedly so, coached on how to testify in any given question situation. Normally, in a criminal hearing/trial there would be an objection to a witness having been coached in how to testify, but not here. Now remember, we are currently talking about government officials who demand you/we not only tell the truth to them, but insist we make them believe us. But they take great pains ease in their evasions of basic truth and decency.

This morning NRO’s Jim Geraghty has a nice collection of thoughts on yesterday’s dog and pony show in the Benghazi hearings … and Jim’s final observation in all of this is, “Benghazi Hearings Mark End of Accountability, Forever”

At the end of a day of Senate and House hearings on Benghazi, we know . . . not much more than we knew the day before.

Four Americans dead.

Nobody brought to justice. The lone suspect in the attack was released earlier this month by the Tunisians, citing a lack of evidence.


In fact, the perpetrators are up to new attacks:


No one at the State Department fired for failing to heed the requests for additional security on the ground. And nobody can specify what the heck “administrative leave” entails:


And no elected Democrat in Congress gives a hoot.

Oh, they say they care, but every time their turn came in the Clinton hearings, they shifted the topic to House Republican proposals to limit the budget, as if we hadn’t just had this issue resolved, by State Department officials in October:


What we did learn is that Hillary Clinton thinks it is silly or unreasonable to ask why the administration kept talking about a video for five days, when everyone and their brother could have figured that the date of September 11 was pretty a key indicator that al-Qaeda-sympathizers or like-minded Islamists were out to mark the anniversary in their own murderous way.

“The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?” […]

What’s astounding are the number of folks on the Left who think this is a fantastic answer.

For starters, if your assessment of why an attack happened is wrong, doesn’t that make it less likely you’ll be able to prevent another one? […]

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Even though “Clinton Has Talked to Only 1 American Benghazi Survivor in 4 Months; Talked to None in Wake of Attack”, we are also supposed to accept Sec. Clinton’s choked-back tears yesterday as a sign she is deeply concerned and fully involved in all of this because it’s Hillary’s turn to cry now. She has obviously been coached in tearing-up as well since 2008. Oh well, we all

However, Hillary’s gaffe-blurt yesterday of “What difference does it make?” was not only revealing, but a confirmation of this administration’s refusal to take responsibility/blame/consequence for anything under their control and occupation of this government. And they have the support of their defensive, fawning, growling, slobbering lapdog detractors in the MSM, and their low-information idiotic base in not being held accountable … ever.

Meanwhile, I’ll bet Hillary’s jumping-glad to be handing over the keys to the State Department to John Kerry. Benghazi has just become a ‘specific and imminent threat’ to Westerners. But hey hell, “What difference does it make”, eh? It’s Kerry’s problem now. I have every confidence in Mr. Kerry-Heinz. He has so much experience bad-mouthing our military and glad-handing this nation’s enemies all around the world that he will be very successful hauling Obama’s foreign policy agenda during his tenure. I am also certain a Sec. John Kerry-Heinz will be more forthcoming and honest than Sec. Clinton has been, especially if documents are involved.

Added Bonus: One of the only moments of tough questioning of Sec. Clinton came from now vilified Sen. Ron Johnson, whose questioning was the catalyst for Clinton’s “What difference does it make?” declaration. He follows-up with a piece in USA Today: Sen. Ron Johnson: Secretary Hillary Clinton, you failed

5 thoughts on “Geraghty: “Benghazi Hearings Mark End of Accountability, Forever””

  1. HC looks really troubled over those four wasted lives, doesn’t she? Really broken up about it–not that she was to blame in any way whatsoever, mind you. Still, she looks like she, uh, really feels their pain, and that of their loved ones. Just like Bill. Such wonderful, dear people, the Clintons. Salt of the earth. Well, America deserves them; it’s done enough to put and keep them where they are.

  2. I expect she was indeed coached, but it’s not as if the odds were against her. She knew she could pull a Holder and did it, with very little difficulty. The game is rigged, period, and it’s pointless to expect the intended beneficiaries not to take advantage of it. One can blame cynically partisan or spineless politicians, certainly, but the media is much further beneath contempt–especially given its pretensions. It’s not just useless or even inept; it’s simply corrupted and fraudulent, blatantly so, and it grows more brazen by the day. And I agree that accountability WILL be required again, but only of Republicans. Alas, all this rot is ultimately a reflection of the American public, a frighteningly large proportion of which is unquestionably degenerate, maybe irretrievably so. Yes, many forces have long conspired to promote and enable that, but the buck has to stop somewhere, and the American people ARE ultimately responsible.

    Besides, let’s face it: if anybody has PLENTY of reasons to defecate on propriety, dignity, honor and truth based on how often and how long they’ve done that SUCCESSFULLY, it’s the Clintons. To them this is totally routine, normal behavior, not just because they’re so used to it, but because they’re used to IMPUNITY. But again, I don’t blame them so much as who and what has enabled them.

  3. Just look at her, like the cat who ate the canary and, when confronted, just smirks and goes “The bird’s dead and gone. What difference does it make who ate it?”

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