Chávez Death Watch Update

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ABC: Hugo still in a tailspin

According to Spain’s ABC, Hugo Chávez is still too frail to travel. ABC also claims that plans were made to fly him to Caracastan on January 17 and 18, despite multiple post-operative complications, but his condition was deemed far too precarious for such a trip.

ABC – which has been denounced by top Venenozuelan officials as hell-bent on spreading false and “malicious” rumors – continues to insist that it has very solid contact with some of’ Chávez’s caregivers in Havana, and that its reports are far more accurate than those issued in Caracastan.

Although several of the official reports made by Chavistas stress a steady improvement, ABC claims that Chávez is still struggling with breathing difficulties and that he continues to use a respirator, on and off.  In addition, says ABC, Chávez is incapacitated by extreme and uncontrollable pain, both in the pelvic region and in his bones, due to the spread of his cancer.

Though all efforts to wean the Venenozuelan dictator from his respirator have failed thus far, claims ABC, the medical team in Havana remains committed to stabilizing him, even if for only a brief time. Though ABC does not overtly claim that Chávez has reached a point of no return, it does say that the medical team in Havana is currently focused on the short-term goal of making it possible for their patient to withstand a trip back to Caracastan.

Once back in Caracas – if he manages to survive the trip — Chávez will most likely be taken to a military hospital in Caracas, where two entire floors have been readied for him. Whether or not he might at some point be transferred to the presidential palace of Miraflores remains unclear. It is also anyone’s guess what might unfold if he survives such a trip and actually regains some strength, for his cancer treatments would most likely have to continue in Havana.

In essence, ABC claims that all reports of a steady recovery are misleading, and that the letter to the CELAC convention ostensibly signed by signed by Chávez is a smokescreen. While he may have indeed been able to dictate it and sign it, the fact remains that his health is still in a steep tailspin from which he is not likely to recover, and that even if he returns to Venenozuela, he will still be tethered to Havana until the bitter end, both literally and figuratively.

Read the ABC report HERE, in Spanish

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  1. That’s right asombra,

    Venezuelans asked for what they have now and they lack the balls to remove Chavez and his goons from power.

    As far as I’m concerned today Venezuelans have what they deserve.

    Que se jodan…

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