Cuba’s Propaganda Schools disguised as Medical Schools

If you are wondering why there is legislation being presented in Tallahassee to address this issue, Reganista has the answer for you:

Castro’s med school used as indoctrination tool inside and outside Cuba

When Florida state legislators Senator Rene(cito) García (R-Hialeah) and Represenatative Manny “El Bueno” Díaz (R-Miami Lakes) each filed legislation in their respective chambers that would prohibit graduates of Cuban medical schools from practicing medicine in Florida, my initial reaction was to commend them (I always encourage anything that kicks the Castro regime in the teeth).

That being said, I also decided to dig a little deeper to investigate where they were coming from.


Many in this country, even some critics of the dictatorship, have not expressed outrage over Americans attending ELAM because it is touted as a sort of scholarship that offers “free” training and schooling to “poor medical students” who otherwise would be unable to afford it in the United States or elsewhere.

However, there are more than just poor, less fortunate youths being chosen by the Castro regime to attend ELAM.

For example, take this article published by PBS Newshour titled “Cuba offers poor medical students a free ride.”  The article basically discusses the program with a number of “testimonials” from students.

I just happened to come across this article while doing research for this post, and discovered that the last testimonial in the article comes from none other than a high school classmate of mine, Cassandra Curbelo Cusack. Talk about a small world!

Anyway, this classmate is anything but the “poor” student that the Castro scholarship program purports to target. The daughters of two prominent attorneys, she and her sister attended the private school I graduated from until about the 9th Grade–a school that was anything but inexpensive in those days.

Aside from being an attorney, her father Pat Cusack was the Democrat nominee for US Congress who challenged then-Congressman and staunch Castro critic Lincoln Diaz-Balart back in 2000. Her mother Barbara Curbelo-Cusack, also an attorney, is an outspoken supporter of the Castro regime.

Read the entire eye-opening post HERE.

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