“We’re Well Beyond Bias Now”

Breitbart’s John Nolte nails the American MSM to the democrat party’s door…

Everything changed after the election, and it had nothing to do with Obama winning a second term.

For as long as I’ve been aware of the media, I have known that I live in a country with a media biased strongly in favor of Democrats. Fair enough. But there were rules in that world, one of them being that once a Democrat was safely elected or reelected, the media would do its job when it came to scandals and overall accountability.

This is why, after Obama won his second term, I thought we would finally get to the bottom of what happened in Libya, from the incompetence that left our consulate unforgivably vulnerable, straight through to the White House lying for two weeks to cover up the fact that a successful terrorist attack had occurred on its watch.

But that didn’t happen. The media didn’t revert back to being the media; the media remained at its post as a Palace Guard.

Then the same thing happened with the fiscal cliff and Sandy Hook and immigration and the debt ceiling. Even with Obama safely snuggled in for term two, the media refused to do anything that would or could damage him politically. But it’s not just Obama; the media is openly and viciously protecting the Democratic Party as a whole.

The Narrative is now: Democrats can do nothing wrong; Republicans can do nothing right.


And this is why the media will run whole hog with an unverified and ultimately false story that makes gun-rights activists look awful.

What changed after the election was that I went from living in a country with a biased media to living in a country where the media is in place to protect The State.

When you realize that’s what happened, you understand why the media had no interest in verifying whether or not a malicious lie told about Second Amendment advocates was true or not. And it wasn’t just the left-wing fever swamps who quickly and gleefully spread this lie.


When the media assumes the role of protecting The State, that’s when manufactured propaganda is allowed to become news. The provably false “heckle” story helps The State, because The State wants to restrict our civil rights. Therefore, the story is too good to check and must be spread as quickly as possible.


We’re well beyond bias now.

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