American filmmaker who made 11 trips to Cuba decries U.S. sanctions

In spite of the fact Cuba’s 54-year-old totalitarian dictatorship led by the Castro family signed 51 international trade agreements with 29 countries in 2012, U.S. sanctions against the Cuban regime are still blamed for the misery and enslavement of the Cuban people. But this is not the only contradiction that plagues this argument.

Allow me to introduce you to filmmaker Joe Guerriero who has just released a new documentary decrying the sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Cuba’s repressive and murderous dictatorship. In his film, Guerriero attempts to document the suffering imposed on the Cuban people not by the tyrannical regime that has enslaved them for more than a half-century, but by the isolation U.S. policy imposes upon them.

So how horrible and suffocating is the U.S. embargo for the Cuban people? It turns out it is so horrible and suffocating that Guerriero, an adjunct professor at the Suffolk County Community College, was only able to visit Cuba 11 times in 14 years.

Via the New Jersey Herald:

Documentary puts U.S. embargo on Cuba in the spotlight — Joe Guerriero tells the story of a journalist who could not acquire batteries to recharge her electric wheelchair while in Cuba because of the United States’ embargo against the country, which has been in place since 1960. The woman, a journalist/psychotherapist, had to resort to getting pushed by her husband or wheel herself to get around.

This small act of inconvenience is among the many others Guerriero encountered while filming his first feature documentary regarding the embargo, entitled “Curtain of Water.” The premier of the movie is Thursday at Sussex County Community College.

The nation’s ongoing embargo against Cuba 53 years after the Cuban revolution inspired Guerriero, an adjunct professor at SCCC, to produce a documentary addressing the opposing views on the topic.

Guerriero, who also directed the film, has made 11 trips to Cuba over the last 14 years and has witnessed the impact of the embargo firsthand.

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2 thoughts on “American filmmaker who made 11 trips to Cuba decries U.S. sanctions”

  1. A tried and true way to score PC brownie points. And needless to say, he knows FAR better than “those people.” He’s more “on the ground,” you see. I wonder which of our “brother” nations he’s derived from–not that it matters, since they’re pretty much all the same. Same shit, different day.

  2. The commentary is bang on – Cuba is only restricted from dealing with one country. The only reason that that they can’t get consumer goods is because (a) they don’t pay their bills and (b) they rip off any foreign company that locates there.
    It’s not the USA’s fault.

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