The Cuban dictatorship’s ‘Spiderman’

There is no doubt that there are some who see no real harm in the latest antics of French daredevil Alain Robert, where he scaled the former Havana Hilton in Cuba’s capitol, a sinister symbol and never ending reminder of the Castro dictatorship’s criminality. To these people, Robert is just an ignorant boob looking for publicity and surely means no one harm. But the reality here is that by his own admission, Robert’s performance was done in honor of his hero, Fidel Castro:

French ‘Spider-Man’ scales Cuba hotel for Castro

AFP – French “Spider-Man” Alain Robert on Monday scaled the facade of the iconic Hotel Havana Libre in the Cuban capital, in what he said was a show of support for revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

“Climbing is a way to discover a country, a culture,” the French daredevil said before completing the feat, his first in Cuba. “This is a strong sign of support for Fidel Castro.”

When asked if he would meet Castro while in Havana, Robert said: “I don’t know if he’ll be calling me this afternoon.”

Thanks to the Alain Robert, the Castro dictatorship now has their own Spiderman. And along with the super hero, they now also have dozens of propaganda photographs and news stories to spread around the world showing Cuba not as an island prison ruled by a ruthless and murderous dictatorship, but as just another destination where tourists can come spend their hard-earned money.

Via the UK’s Metro:


2 thoughts on “The Cuban dictatorship’s ‘Spiderman’”

  1. The hotel looks very down at heel, but most everything in Cuba is run down due to negligence, incompetence and a generally failed system. As for the French Spider Dork, just another fly buzzing over Cuba’s carcass for personal gain. He’s hardly the first and won’t be the last. I expect the blubbering Nyad, for one, may be at it again before too long.

  2. “This is a strong sign of support for Fidel Castro.”

    “This hotel has great meaning for me. It’s impressive not for its height, which is not great, but because it’s a building that symbolizes the Cuban Revolution,” Robert told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Friday.

    “I consider this hotel to have been a challenge for Castro”

    Indeed, it symbolizes Castro’s regime. It is expropriated (stolen) property where Cubans, in their own nation, have not been allowed to enter, unless they are prostituting themselves to foreigners and giving the lobby watchdog a little cut. It is a stolen building used as a legitimate capitalistic business by a self-imposed fraudulent regime that prohibits its slaved, and forcefully ruined population, to engage in any such form of business or complain about it without being terrorized, imprisoned, beaten, or even killed.

    How sad that there wasn’t a good gust of wind or a little extra humidity in the rails to really give me a reason to say “good show”, immoral hypocrite and french c#ck-sucking imbecile. What’s next? A trip to the other slave camp of North Korea to also show support for cult leader Kim Jong-un by climbing their propagandistic Ryugyong Hotel (105 floors) to then take a plane back to Paris?

    Talking about “challenge”, the only reason the USA granted those guttural pussies atomic weapons is because they have never been challenge to anyone.

    Sorry for the vulgarities but honestly…

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