Obama’s SOTU Address Tonight Could Get Very Interesting


First, here is your official Obama State of The Union Address BINGO card to print and play along with. Use any BINGO daubers in various psychedelic colors. Play ‘strip BINGO’ along with others in your living room. Or turn it into a drinking game. Whatever.

Those dirty rotten scoundrels “Anonymous” are threatening to hack the live feed of dirty rotten scoundrel Obama’s State of The Union address tonight…

Article II, Sector 3 of the US Constitution, says the President “shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

At 9PM Eastern Standard Time, February 12, 2013 President Obama has planned to address a joint session of Congress to deliver the State of the Union Address. The following day, President Obama will be introducing an executive order, purportedly aimed at bolstering U.S. cybersecurity, after repeated failed attempts to pass legislation through Congress.

Anonymous has reached a verdict of NO CONFIDENCE in this executive order and the plans to reintroduce the CISPA bill to Congress on the same day. As such, President Obama and the State of the Union Address will be BANISHED from the Internet for the duration of live delivery. So as not to infringe upon the President’s free speech, subsequent broadcasts will be allowed to pass unhindered.

This action is being taken to underline a fact that appears to be sorely unrecognized by the Obama Administration — that the Internet is a sovereign territory, and does not fall under the jurisdiction of any nation state.

We are the natives of this space, and its guardians, and we will fight until death to protect it as a neutral grounds for the unhindered interaction of all members of the human race, so long as they themselves act in harmony with this inviolable principle. Our determination is that President Obama is acting in direct contravention of this principle, and his brief exclusion is an educational, rather than a punitive measure. We hope that its lesson will be learnt. Punitive measures have not been ruled out. — Anonymous

THIS is perfect. Somebody notify “Anonymous” and tell them they can only hack Obama tonight with this…

Hacktastic, huh?

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