Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for February 12, 2013

Babalú has a hearty and nutritious news ajiaco for you today. Grab a bowl and help yourself!

  • The New York Times’ crack journalists report on the often ignored struggle of Cubans in search of freedom and respect for human rights. Ha! Got ya! Actually, while Cuban dissidents are beaten and imprisoned on a daily basis, the NYT writes an entire report on a much more important struggle taking place on the island: Cuban surfers looking for a decent surfboard.
  • Two Chambers of Commerce from Florida’s own Indian River County are planning a vacation trip to communist Cuba for their members. Apart from “a week of sightseeing and visits to historical museums,” members will be visiting Castro dictatorship owned businesses. No doubt, these Florida business owners will pick up a few business tips from the totalitarian regime such as how to exploit workers by paying them $20 a month and how a good bashing with a baton helps keep employees focused and productive.
  • Cuban state-run news outlet Prensa Latina reports that the Castro dictatorship is holding an International Seminar on Tourism Media in Havana where journalists from all over the world will be instructed on how to ignore the atrocious human rights record of the Cuban regime and instead report only on the wonderful tourist attractions available on the island. As a bonus, a special workshop will be held where journalists will be taught how to interject fallacious and manufactured statistics lauding Castro’s revolution into every travel related article. (Link:
  • Cuba Confidential reports that Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban spies convicted and serving prison sentences here in the U.S. for espionage and the murder of four innocent Americans, has just published a book of poetry. Rumors that Guerrero was President Obama’s first choice as poet laureate for his recent inauguration but due to scheduling conflicts had to go with another Cuban poet, Richard Blanco, are completely unfounded.
  • “Cuba Experts” and Castro dictatorship supporters here in the U.S. are always talking about the business opportunities in Cuba American businesses are missing out on. Well, after the Chinese got cold feet, here is another one of those missed opportunities: If it were not for that pesky embargo, Americans could have had a chance to sink $6 billion into a deep, deep hole in Cuba, never to see a penny of it again.

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  1. It’s truly remarkable that the NYT evidently feels no guilt or responsibility whatsoever for its role in bringing Castro to power, despite the indisputably horrendous consequences affecting millions of people for generations. All it’s ever done is to add insult to injury, apparently with relish, and by now it can hardly change course. Absolutely abominable.

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