Captain Nemo Blizzard update


A week after the mother of all blizzards, we are still covered by a nice white blanket up here in New England.

We’ve had lots of rain and several warm days, but the snow is so deep that we still have about half of it left on the ground.

Some of my elf totems are poking their heads above the drifts, but the flamingo totems remain totally buried.

Eat your heart out , all you warm-climate dwellers: this is what you’re missing….. This stuff might hang around till Easter.

2 thoughts on “Captain Nemo Blizzard update”

  1. They probably didn’t cancel classes at your university, since they are used to dealing with that weather. Here, the city has no snow removal equipment, which is why when we get an inch of snow, classes are cancelled for two days. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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