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Yoani Sanchez clarifies her comments regarding the five Cuban spies currently serving prison sentences in the U.S. for espionage and first degree murder (Via Punt de Vista – my translation):

“Allow me to make this clear, they [the five Cuban spies] received their day in court, it was a fair trial and without a doubt, they were spies… [S]ometimes when you use sarcasm and irony it can result in misunderstandings. In the first place, I would not call them five heroes; as far as I’m concerned, they are five spies who were tried, who have had successive legal opportunities to prove their guilt or innocence, and in all of those trials organized by a group of pluralistic and diverse individuals, they have been found to be guilty.”

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. That’s very good…now I wish that she would do the following in front of all the media that is parading her:

    1. Denounce in no uncertain terms the horrors committed by the Castro tyranny inside their gulags instead of focusing on the legality of Guantanamo.

    2. Denounce the human rights abuses being committed by the Castro tyranny on all the dissidents in Cuba starting from the Ladies in White and all the others.

    3. Denounce the embargo of freedom and human rights imposed by the Castro tyranny on the Cuban people since January 1, 1959 because that’s the real embargo she should be referring to.

  2. I wish she did Gigi,

    Why? because she’s been scrutinized by the media (specially the MSM), been paraded as the symbol representing all of Cuban dissidence against the Castro brothers and if she would dare to speak the real truth about the horrors the Castro tyranny has committed on the Cuban people for the last 54 years the media would have two choices.

    1. To finally start acknowledging the truth about the Castro brothers tyranny and to protect Yoani from retaliation from the Castro tyranny upon returning to Cuba.

    2. Dump Yoani as their symbol of Cuban dissidence. The problem with this option is that the media would end up with eggs on their faces after all their efforts parading her.

    Right now Yoani has the opportunity that no other Cuban had for the last 54 years to put the Castro tyranny on the spot for their horrible record in the island of Cuba. She can either choose to be courageous about it and do the right thing, or she can continue to play the game she’s playing now which goes along with the MSM wishes of having the USA reestablishing full diplomatic and economic relations with the Castro tyranny.

    The ball in on Yoani’ court, she can either be a real hero for her country or another accomplice to the Castro tyranny…

  3. An old song comes to mind, and I remember the lyrics, “What a difference a day makes.” So tell me, why did she make those offensive castroite statements so wrapped in illusive irony?

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