Audio of Murder

Seventeen years ago today the castro regime’s Air Force shot down 2 unarmed Cessnas out on a humanitarian mission over international waters resulting in the murder of four Americans.

Listen to the murderers celebrate the carnage right here.

Remember what you’ve just heard every time some castroite, some lawmaker, some reporter, some blogger, some intellectual, some activist, some actor, some musician, some Cuba expert or any other castro sycophant, using lies and semantic manipulation, attempts to convince you that the castro regime is no longer a threat to the US or to humanity. Remember these Mig pilots celebrating the death of innocents whenever anyone dares mention the “unjust treatment” and “unjust incarceration” of the five accomplices to this heinous act currently serving sentences in US prisons.

May all those responsible for this act, for the murder of 4 innocent civilians trying to save lives, rot in an unimaginably agonizing hell.

4 thoughts on “Audio of Murder”

  1. Val, I gotta admit it brought tears to my eyes, mostly of anger, at those worthless cowards and their sick regime. But also for those four innocent, decent men who didn’t deserve to die. That anger I felt is further hoisted at those pieces of shit in this country that constantly justify those animals, I’ve had to deal with them on occasion, and it sickens me. Lastly, as George called them, the ‘vende patrias’ in our community that actually support the regime, or strengthen them through their pathetic liberal/leftist political inclinations. Fuck’m all to Hell!

  2. Mambi,

    Is heartbreaking to witness those who with their actions become accomplices to evil.

    May God grant them the punishment they deserve for their complicit actions.

  3. I’d say send the audio to Bubba Clinton, but he’s probably heard it, so I suppose it’s lost its entertainment value. Well, maybe it was nothing personal, after all. Look at other comparable incidents during Bubba’s tenure, and his woefully inadequate response, or lack thereof. Then look at his current popularity, and try not to vomit–and whatever you do, don’t refer to him as “President C*****n,” because he literally disgraced his office and should have been thrown out of it. If he’d been truly presidential, he would have resigned in shame and stayed out of the public eye from then on. But don’t call me curmudgeon–it’s much more like misanthrope, and I have more than sufficient cause. Way more.

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