2 thoughts on “Image of the day – Ñangaras on parade”

  1. They look so natural and spontaneous, don’t they? And the “Hands Off Cuba” bit goes back to Lee Harvey Oswald. Sheesh.

  2. I have been there during other occasions (it was the old and non gated Cuban embassy). Beautiful building by the way, it truly makes many other embassies look makeshift by comparison. It is not a reformed house but a building build from the beginning as Cuba’s embassy and with its coat of arms in stone at the top. It is from those days when Cuba was so poor and miserable under capitalism. It truly makes the Venezuelan embassy look like a big shoebox that even the Swedes would find bleak and austere.

    However, these days it seems that the trained dogs that are placed there also need direct others from Fidel to give the facade a power wash and some stone sealant. The place even has a window air conditioner in front like the Haitian one (I suspect Fidel does not want to pay for central air).

    As for the rest, the ones holding the pro-Castro signs are always four deadbeats who are not even Cuban and are clearly complementing an unemployment check. “Viva Fidel” is all the Spanish these loosers know unless they have some illegal there who decided that such a thing was more fun, or profitable, than to continue standing in the parking lot of Home Depot fishing for real work.

    It reveals why Fidel always accuses with “who is paying you” as he told that opposer in Argentina when he almost had a heart attack for having a couple of real questions come his way. “Mercenary” and “CIA agent” also come to mind (never mind that it was the CIA who put him in power). As the Spanish saying goes, “the thief judges by his condition”. What else can you say when you know they despise you for free and that you are indeed shit.

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