Photos of murderous sociopaths fetch $83,550 in London

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Daughter of Alberto Korda sells 55 photos taken by her father Alberto

The daughter of famed photographer Alberto Korda is selling a gallery of his ‘vintage’ images of Fidel Castro and revolutionary Che Guevara in the UK for £50,000.

The 55 black and white snaps are the first set of prints made by the political photographer from his original negatives that he shot in the 1950s and 1960s.

The pictures, being made available by Norka Korda, include the Cuban leader and Marxist Guevara on a fishing trip soon after Castro’s communist regime came to power.

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One snap depicts Guevara, who played a major role in the Cuban Revolution in 1959, relaxing with his feet up on the fishing boat while reading a book.

Other pictures depict Castro and Guevara playing a famous round of golf together on the Caribbean island in 1961.

The round was a publicity stunt that poked fun at U.S. president Dwight D Eisenhower who two years earlier had snubbed meeting the new Cuban leader to play golf.

The golf photos show Guevara wearing a green army uniform measuring up a putt and then stood in a ‘teapot’ pose while holding a club.

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The Butcher of La Cabaña chats with existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (Yeah, Frenchie, wanna see some cool “No Exit” signs?  I’ve got quite a few over at my place, down by the harbor.” )
The Butcher of La Cabaña chats with existentialist philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir (Yeah, Frenchie, wanna see some cool “No Exit” signs? I’ve got quite a few over at my place, down by the harbor…. and you, Simone, can you do the Can-Can for me? )  

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  1. That’s Sartre and his bitch, Simone de Beauvoir, hanging on Che’s every word. I pity the fools. Actually, forget pity.

  2. What pieces of work that Sartre and Simone! It’s incredible how these people rise to such world prominence that everyone dotes on their every utterance as if they were messiahs or something. Whatever respect I could have for Sartre was lost when he said that Che Guevara–that pestulent hung of filth, that psychopatic vagabond and all around loser [who couldn’t finish medical school or hold on to a job, who couldn’t even win a battle even though he is best known for being a “guerrillero”]—was the most perfect man in the world! No wonder Reinaldo Arenas called Sarte in his novel, “Farewell to the Sea” “una puta,” who is always making declaratons.

  3. Sartre got too much “validation” and it went to his head. It happens, fairly often. Look at all the Hollywood cretins, who aren’t even remotely intellectuals, still playing Enlightened Guides to Mankind. Even with actual intellectuals, IQ and erudition are not the same as wisdom, and world history is full of smart people who did tremendous harm because their intellect was perverted and used for evil.

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