Thoughts and Prayers to The Breitbart Family

Just two days before the first anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s passing his beloved mother Arlene Mae Breitbart joins him in Paradise

With great sadness we announce the passing of Arlene Mae Breitbart, wife of Gerald Breitbart, mother of Andrew and his sister Tracey, and grandmother of seven terrific grandchildren.

Arlene passed away from natural causes yesterday in Los Angeles, two days shy of the one-year anniversary of the unexpected death of her beloved son, Andrew.

Arlene was a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She was also a pioneer, having been the first female trust officer made vice president at Bank of America.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers to The Breitbart Family”

  1. Last year I had two recent widows at my Florida apartment to give them some R and R. They are liberals.
    I was at my computer early one morning and got the horrible news of Andrew Breitbart’s sudden death and I was crying uncontrollably. My friends wondered what was wrong. When I told them Andrew Breitbart died, as you might guess, they didn’t know who he was or why I should be so stirred about him.
    I went ballistic on them. How could they consider themselves informed when they didn’t know who he was and how important he was, I shouted at them. I went on a tirade about liberals. They could not be angry at me because I was being so good to them during their stay with me. For that one moment I was Andrew Brightbart.
    When the T Shirts became available declaring I am Breitbart, I bought one.

    What a terrible loss.

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