Unrighteous indignation of the worst kind


Okay, this is it.  Maybe…. This could be a tipping point.

This could be the Time Magazine piece that finally unhinges this absent-minded professor and sends him to the funny farm.

Lowbrow Time, which has steadfastly refused to shine a spotlight on the crimes of the Castro regime — and which has lauded the useful-idiot antics of many an American Castro-lover — is now terribly upset about Dennis Rodman’s useful-idiot tour of North Korea.

Yeah.  Suddenly, when some famous jerk visits a dynastic totalitarian kingdom and ignores its repression, pseudo-intellectual Time is all upset and begins to wag its self-righteous index finger, much like some deranged secular version of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady.

What the hell is this all about?  Why the asymmetrical indignation?  Is it the frigid climate?  Is it the lack of Latin charm?  Is it the kim chee?  Is it the absence of antique American cars?  Or could this be due to some dog-whistle subliminal bigotry?

Why is North Korea abominable and Castrogonia so charming?

Every single one of the “Five Things” that make North Korea so abominable in the eyes of Time can also be found in Castrogonia, in spades.  Even worse, no mention is made of the fact that North Korea is actually ahead of the Castro Kingdom  when it comes to technology and to the external appearance of its capital city, which may be drab, but at least is not crumbling and relentlessly crushing its residents day after day.

And no mention is made of  the fact that — unlike Cuba — North Korea has no tourist industry that allows comfortable free people to waltz in and out and enjoy luxurious vacations, at the expense of a downtrodden native population.

To top it off, Rodman is the first and only pseudo-celebrity to pull off such an idiotic stunt in North Korea.  What about the scores of A-list celebrities, politicians and so-called journalists from the U.S.A. who have shamelessly toadied up to the Castros or tried to make them look like great humanitarians?  Where was Time then?  Why weren’t those useful idiots pilloried by Time, the great arbiter of lowbrow ethics?

And how did this Mr. Tharoor get to speak for everyone at Time Magazine, and — by default — for all of Western Civilization (as imagined on 6th Avenue in midtown Manhattan)?

Jesus H. Demon-Expelling Christ…..  where are the good exorcists when you really need them?

Five Things We Hope Dennis Rodman Learned About North Korea

By Ishaan Tharoor

When Dennis Rodman landed in Pyongyang, the isolated capital of the world’s most isolated country, he announced his arrival with a tweet: “I come in peace. I love the people of North Korea!” One wonders whom the 51-year-old former basketball star thought he was reaching. No ordinary North Korean is on the Internet, nor has access to the recently installed 3G network through which Rodman presumably sent his tweet. The eccentric American baller, known as the “Worm,” kept up his awkward commentary throughout a tour of the Hermit Kingdom, where he was accompanied by members of the Harlem Globetrotters and a crew from Vice. On Thursday, it reached its surreal climax when Rodman sat next to a portly, grinning Kim Jong Un, the pariah state’s dynastic ruler, at a staged basketball game. According to reports, he proclaimed Kim to be “a friend for life.”

One hopes there’s a hidden punchline here, that Rodman’s North Korea trip isn’t just the strange publicity grab of a faded celebrity and an irreverent media enterprise. One hopes that—in between the lavish 10-course meals at Kim’s palace and “paying tribute” to the statues of late despots Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il—Rodman may have actually learned something about North Korea and the people he says he loves. There’s certainly a lot that demands his attention. Five key lessons we hope he brings back to share with his American fans:

1. North Koreans are starving.
2. North Korea keeps its starving people HOSTAGE to its belligerent nuclear policies.
3. North Korea is a land of prison camps — lots of prison camps.
4.North Korea’s not just a Stalinist dictatorship—it’s a mafia state.
5. North Korea’s not just a mafia state—it’s a FASCIST, RACIST STATE.

Read the whole $%#@!*&^$%#@! thing HERE, if you have a strong stomach.



6 thoughts on “Unrighteous indignation of the worst kind”

  1. It seems TIME is too dense to get this is just what Rodman wants: publicity. As for the grotesquely blatant double standard, well, it’s normal, strictly speaking, and has been for ages. Only “those people” would find that strange or objectionable, and they don’t read TIME. I still feel bad that I once subscribed, briefly, to Newsweek, though that ended abruptly with the Elián crisis (and that’s not the only thing that ended with that crisis).

  2. Love how Fidel’s disco boots go with the military costume. So stylish and classy. And Wayne must be doing some Hemingway thing. Also, note the “minder” in the background. Yes, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

  3. And forgive me for bringing up the cigar in the picture and all that it conjures up there, and in a room near the Oval Office….(or as Rush calls it the Oval Orifice)

    I guess you could say that N. Korea has gone Nuclear and that is not nice and Castro has nothing but his charm, and a military, but it is one he only uses on his own people so that doesn’t matter.

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