Yoani Sanchez: More changes needed in Cuba

On her stop in Prague, Cuban dissident and blogger Yoani Sanchez called for more changes in Cuba:

Cuban dissident insists on more changes in Cuba while in Prague

Kubánská disidentka Yoani Sánchezová navštívila 27. února redakci ?TK v Praze.

Prague – The changes implemented by Cuban President Raul Castro are only partial and the world should not be misled by them, Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez told CTK during her visit to Prague today.

The persecution of the opposition in Cuba is as intensive as under the rule of his brother Fidel Castro, the number of political prisoners is not falling and information is strictly censored, Sanchez, 37 said.

The Cuban authorities let Sanchez, a political writer, travel from the country after years of her vain attempts at travelling from Cuba.

In January, the Cuban Communist regime amended the migration law under which Cubans can travel only with a valid passport while previously they also needed a special permit.

After enacting private business, this is another of the changes the Communist regime has made under the pressure of economic dire straits.

Sanchez said the essential problem of the country, political oppression, had remained unchanged.

The view is spreading across the world that Cuba is changing, but this is dangerous, Sanchez said.

It may happen that a great deal of people and international organisations will stop focusing on Cuba whose government will maintain in an easier way its tough political control, she added.

Castro’s secret police persecutes Sanchez because she maintains the independent blog Generacion Y where she criticises the regime’s practices.

She said the situation of opponents of the Cuban regime was very similar to what dissidents in the former Czechoslovakia had experienced during the re-Stalinisation era in the 1970-1980s.

A preventive detention, day-to-day shadowing, wiretappings, she added.

Sanchez said she knew well the faces of the agents who were in charge of her.

She said she was often shadowed by the same persons who stand outside her house, being behind her when she strolls through the town.

Sanchez said she recalled the German film The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) in which one of the secret service agents started adopting a critical attitude to the regime.

She said she was also trying to change the police and state security agents.

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6 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez: More changes needed in Cuba”

  1. Just when I think she is a Cuban plant, she says things like this and I take it back and am glad she is around to tell the tale.

  2. Honey, YS doesn’t have to be a Castro plant, but she could be a useful Castro tool, however unwittingly. She’s reaching beyond her grasp, and she’s getting plenty of encouragement, which only exacerbates the problem. No matter how good her intentions, she has serious deficits of which she seems quite unaware, and she clearly overestimates her capacity and abilities. All the attention and hype has gone to her head, and she’s ripe for use by perverse elements–especially concerning the US embargo. She WILL play into that, and in a way she has to–much of her fan base wouldn’t support her if she were more “intransigent.”

  3. The problem with YS is that she’s too much a product of the Castro system, too close to it to shake it off completely and radically, and that applies to an awful lot of Cubans on the island below age 60. I’m not saying it’s their fault, but it’s most definitely a problem, and a serious one.

  4. Absolutely asombra,

    Cuba with all its faults was definitively a much better country before January 1, 1959.

    The likes of Yoani did not get to witness any of that and instead grew up indoctrinated by the tyranny. Her mentality is a byproduct of that indoctrination.

    The problem is (as you accurately stated) that all the attention and hype has gone to her head and now she thinks she’s a Cuba “expert” on solving its problems when she’s no more than another blogger commenting on the daily struggles Cubans in the island encounter.

  5. Cuba was far better pre-1959, but the seeds of destruction were already there. They were just latent, closeted or disguised.

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