Castro LOVES the embargo–and HATES the Cuban Adjustment Act, RIGHT?

Castro’s newspaper Granma publishes the three easy steps by which Cubans can secure a U.S. visa and avail themselves of the Cuban Adjustment Act


Kicking and screaming in rage and defiance Castro’s offical Communist party organ Granma newspaper has granted an interview to the U.S. Interest section’s Timothy Roche. To their shock and horror, during the interview, the sly Yankee scoundrel slipped in a detailed explanation for the procedure by which Cubans can easily secure U.S. visas!

The staff of Castro’s KGB-founded newspaper almost fainted when they discovered that, to compound this villainy, the running dog imperialist rascal had also somehow slipped in a copy of the U.S. application form for a U.S. visa (with a link to the U.S. Interest section site) into the pages of Granma!!!!!!

Yes looks like that Cuban Adjustment Act still INFURIATES the Castros. To the tune of about $4 billion a year (remittances, travel expenses by recent beneficiaries of the Cuban Adjustment act)

“You DA MAN!!!”

1 thought on “Castro LOVES the embargo–and HATES the Cuban Adjustment Act, RIGHT?”

  1. Castro, Inc. getting its “opponents” or malcontents to maintain it financially is brilliant, especially since by maintaining it, they perpetuate the conditions that call for that, thus making themselves Castro bitches indefinitely. And yes, they know perfectly well that’s what they’re doing; nobody’s being deceived or tricked, even if they’re being emotionally blackmailed. The scheme could hardly be more obvious, and everyone knows Castro, Inc. is the biggest beneficiary, which is the chief purpose of the scheme. There’s absolutely no confusion here, certainly not among Cubans; there’s simply collaboration by acquiescence, and Castro, Inc. couldn’t care less how the collaborators feel about it or rationalize it, as long as the money keeps coming in. The money is POURING in, and the way things are going, that will only escalate. Alas, Cubans are not a serious people.

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