A “Latin” Pope


Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina is the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. He is 76 years old. He is a Jesuit and has taken the name Pope (stand by … I thought I’d heard “Francis” but listening to the color commentary it might not yet have been revealed)…

Yes, he is to be “Pope Francis I”. He is the first Pope from the Americas in the millenium, and was the runner-up to the last Pope Benedict XVI.

“Habemus Papam!”


6 thoughts on “A “Latin” Pope”

  1. Never mind that he’s Latin (italian). He’s a Jesuit. San Apapucio! Has there ever been a Jesuit pope? It’s the end of times for sure…

  2. Well,

    For what I read so far he has heavily criticized Cretina Letrina in Argentina…

    I’ll wait until I see how he handles relations with the Castro tyranny to make my views about him. If he stays silent about the human rights abuses in Cuba and permits Cardinal Alamino to continue to be a pawn of the Castro brothers, then I tell you he’s no better than Benedict XVI.

  3. The Jesuits have always been the Catholic version of the Gestapo or SS. We can thank Jesuits as well for freeing Castro when he was locked up. Now, for obvious political and recruiting, we see the RCC add a “latino” pope. Man, I thought Obama sheep were bad……

  4. He’s 76, a Jesuit, and “Latin” (which makes me suspect demographic/political calculation). Since when is Buenos Aires (or Argentina) a hotbed of Catholic fervor and devotion? Is it that he’s Italian without being from Italy? Why was he the number-two candidate before, and why was he chosen now? What special qualities or qualifications does he have for this, above and beyond all other cardinals? He’s better than a Bertone, obviously, but that’s not saying much.

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