Chavez Post-Mortem: More Magical Than Magical Realism


Ay, mami!  No me chives!  Esto si que le zumba al mango y al requetemango, si tal cosa existe.

Yes, El Caudillo Hugo Chavez is still dead.   As dead as King Tut, but in worse shape.   Yet, he remains alive in the public eye, and  his story gets more bizarre with every passing day.

One of the latest twists: It seems that the Venenozuelan authorities will not be able to embalm his corpse after all, much less put it on permanent display in a mausoleum, like Lenin and Mao.  Damn it all to hell: his corpse was not handled correctly and now top embalmers from Russia and Germany are finding it impossible to work with the mess they’ve found.  BBC has the details, below.

A twist within the twist: in the Brazilian web site Alerta Total, Jorge Serrao, an independent journalist, alleges that the “corpse” on display at Chavez’s funeral was nothing more than a wax effigy, just like those found at Madame Toussaud’s.  The real Chavez was such a horrific sight,  claims Serrao, that he could not be displayed.  All this because the  cancer-ravaged corpse was mishandled in Cuba — where Chavez died, despite all denials — and also in Venenozuela, after its arrival.

Serrao’s account  dovetails with that of the BBC, for Serrao contends that no one could do anything to make the real corpse look presentable.  Serrao also contends that many of those who stepped up to the coffin were shocked to find a “boneco” (dummy, puppet, mannequin–muñeco in Spanish), and that some, like Cristina from Argentina and Lula and Dilma from Brazil were so deeply wounded by this cheap trick that they went straight home and refused to deliver any eulogies for the muñeco.

So, add this deception to that of the empty coffin in the seven-hour parade.  And to that of the photoshopped pix of the hale-and-hearty Chavez released a few days before he croaked.

And, that’s not all.  There are also twists within the twists within the twists: The Venenozuelan authorities keep insisting that Chavez was murdered by the Americans and Israelis, and that his murder was very similar to that of Yasser Arafat.  They are calling for an international investigation of this latest attempt by the Americans and Zionists to rid the world of good righteous leaders.

And…. a twist within all those other twists:  Interim president Nicolas “Saddamito” Maduro claims that his security forces ‘discovered’ a plot to kill opposition presidential candidate Enrique Capriles, and that Venenozuelan state security forces were now protecting Capriles around the clock.

Hoooo weeeee….. hold on, there is more…..  According to Maduro, those who aimed to kill Capriles were “rightists” linked to the group of Roger Noriega and Otto Reich in the United States, who wished to destabilize Venenozuela.

So, there you have it: a Cuban-American right-wing cabal in the U.S.A.– which also includes a Mexican-American —  is trying to kill the man who could unseat Maduro in the upcoming Venezuelan election, and Maduro is now gallantly protecting the target, who happens to be the biggest threat to Chavism.

Stay tuned for more.  It will probably get weirder before it all explodes in our faces…..

UPDATE:  Yes, indeed…. weirder by the minute.  Nicolas Maduro has just claimed that Hugo Chavez is responsible for the election of a South American pope:

“We know that our commander ascended to the heights and is face-to-face with Christ,” Maduro said at a Caracas book fair. “Something influenced the choice of a South American pope, someone new arrived at Christ’s side and said to him: ‘Well, it seems to us South America’s time has come.'”

“He (Chavez) may also call a constitutional assembly in Heaven at any moment to change the (Catholic) church on Earth so the people, the pure people of Christ, may govern the world,” Maduro added of his mentor.

For that story, go HERE.

From the masters of understatement and condescension at the BBC, a cool-headed dissection of all of this magical realism:

Venezuela says embalming of Chavez’ body ‘unlikely’

The acting president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has said it is highly unlikely that the body of the former president Hugo Chavez will be embalmed.

Earlier, Mr Maduro had suggested it would be preserved and displayed like Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong.

Mr Maduro said Russian experts thought it would probably not be possible, as the body had not been properly prepared in time and now presented complexities….

…Mr Maduro, who is running for president in the 14 April elections, commented on the deceased leader’s embalming during a speech.

“Russian and German scientists have arrived to embalm Chavez and they tell us it’s very difficult, because the process should have started earlier, immediately and now it’s not possible. We are in the middle of the process, and it’s complicated,” he told the crowd.

Earlier, the acting president said an alleged plot to murder the opposition presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, had been discovered.

Mr Maduro said the government would make sure his opponent received police protection.

“(The plan has been) linked to the group of Roger Noriega and Otto Reich in the United States, to make an attempt on the life of the presidential candidate of the opposition.”

Much more: keep reading HERE.

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  1. Well, these bozos are anything but smart…

    First they botched Chavez’s cancer treatment, and now his embalming process.

    The embalming issue was caused when they decided to show his body in public when they should have embalmed him first to preserve the body before viewing. Once the decomposition process begins, it cannot be stopped, much less reversed.

    Have to hand it out to these lefties Latrine-American characters, their heads are so deep inside their asses that the fumes interfere with their reasoning.

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