An evil little man


No need to preface this one.  Michael Moore is at it again, displaying his colossal feeble-mindedness.  In the process, this evil little man reveals the fundamental misanthropy that guides all leftist thinking.

Feeble-minded filmmaker in hot water

From Fox News

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s suggestion that showing crime scene photos of the children slain at Sandy Hook will hasten the demise of the National Rifle Association is not getting rave reviews in the shattered Connecticut community.

The left-wing social critic wrote in his blog Wednesday an item titled “America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA),” in which he recommended releasing the undoubtedly gruesome photos of the 20 children killed on Dec. 14, 2012, some of whom were shot up to 11 times. Moore said the fact that Americans have “done nothing to revise or repeal” the Second Amendment “makes us responsible.”

“ … and that is why we must look at the pictures of the 20 dead children laying (sic) with what’s left of their bodies on the classroom floor in Newtown, Connecticut.”

Moore predicted a parent of a child killed in the horrific elementary school massacre or another high-profile mass shooting would make pictures available, adding “and then nothing about guns in this country will ever be the same again.”

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10 thoughts on “An evil little man”

  1. Michael Moore has no neck and looks like Jabba the Hutt. This hypocrite has stopped making anti-war movies since Obama took office and our overseas military more than doubled.

  2. Look at him. You think he’s gonna miss ANY chance to get attention? Think again. And forget Jabba the Hut; he’s more like a morbidly obese old lesbian.

  3. And btw, don’t blame him; blame his enablers. Enabling any such creature is GUARANTEED to produce the same sort of result.

  4. “he’s more like a morbidly obese old lesbian.”

    Yeap, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell would make a perfect couple…

  5. The best is that this man who hates guns is surrounded by armed guards; this man who thinks it is just dandy to invade anyone’s privacy, Charleton Heston’s or the head of GM, lives in a walled in compound and anyone trying to get in to see him literally takes his life in his hands because the armed guards everywhere are on alert not to let anyone in; this man who thinks it is hilarious to lie and distort anything from Cuban Health Care to Corporate business, has no sense of humor if anyone disagrees with him or is appalled by him. He is only happy when he is destroying someone’s life.

    I remember when he started and my friends would tell me how clever he is. At first I thought he was playful, but very soon I thought he was a buffoon and nefarious.

  6. So I’m sure then he’s in favor if releasing the photos of the World Trade Center Jumpers after their bodies hit the street? Will MSNBC show the video of Daniel Pearl’s murder?

    C’mon Mikey, let’s hear from you.

    • The fundamental flaw with Moore — and every other liberal and “progressive” — is their brazen hypocrisy. We see it over and over and over. There is such a dearth of honest self-awareness in them that they have have no moral qualm whatsoever doing one thing and professing another, sometimes the exact opposite. It’s all for show, you see. There is no honesty or ethics. And, when someone points it out, the messenger is the bad guy, not the morally bankrupt hypocrite. Liberalism is, after all, a mental disorder.

  7. Moore is the embodiment of porcine, not because of obesity per se, but because of his inherent swinishness. He is an extraordinarily good example of the breed, and if he were entered in a human swine competition, he could easily win best in show.

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