Child prostitution in Cuba: blowing the lid off a very old story

Mark 9:42: “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”

Canadians are shocked, shocked, to discover child prostitution draws many of their countrymen to Castrogonia

A video report uploaded today at  the Toronto Star shines a light on one of the darkest secrets of the Castro Kingdom, seldom mentioned by the press and never acknowledged by the Royal Family and their boot-licking henchmen.

Babalu has been sounding the alarm for quite some time, and so have others.  But this story in a mainstream Canadian news outlet might signal a change.  Let’s hope so, at least.

The report is as disturbing as one might expect.  Among other things, it highlights the fact that there are now second and third generation child prostitutes in Castrogonia whose pimps are their parents and grandparents, all former child prostitutes.

Yeah.  The glories of the Revolution….

Never mind the reporter’s irritating mention of the “punishing U.S. blockade”: it’s to be expected from a Canadian journalist who has been to Castrogonia way too often.   The rest of the report veers sharply from all such tired propaganda cliches.

Cuba’s Child Sex Tourism
Most tourists are drawn to Cuba by the sand, the sunshine, and the culture. But a few tourists – including some Canadians – are drawn by something far darker.

Go HERE for video.

The video report is background for another Toronto Star story: the recent arrest of a Canadian sex offender who traveled to Castrogonia very often in order to satisfy his twisted appetite for young kids with impunity.  Apparently, Canada has begun to prosecute sex tourists, and Mr. McTurk is the first one of these perverts linked to Cuba.

McTurk with Che poster from search warrant 2012
James McTurk, pedophile, with photo of a fellow sociopath

Toronto sex offender could be first Canadian convicted of child sex tourism in Cuba

James McTurk is 78. He has wispy white hair and glasses, and speaks with a soft Scottish accent. He lives on a pension — and in a jail cell.

The Toronto man has been convicted twice on child pornography charges, and his legal troubles have just intensified: McTurk could become the first person in Canada to be convicted of child sex tourism for abusing children in Cuba.

He is now one of a very small group of Canadian men to face charges for the crime of child sex tourism. Only five are known to have been convicted.

McTurk does not travel to Cambodia or Thailand, destinations of choice for those who seek sex with children. All of his known and alleged victims have been Cuban girls. All were young, and some were very young — police currently allege some as young as 4 years old.

McTurk has spent several years on Canada’s National Sex Offender Registry, but he was able to make repeated trips abroad until he was caught last summer, almost by accident. He was arrested at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson airport upon his return, once again, from Cuba. According to court documents — and to McTurk himself, in interviews with police — he travels there frequently.

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4 thoughts on “Child prostitution in Cuba: blowing the lid off a very old story”

  1. In 1978 I spoke with Puerto Rican Nationalist Rodolfo Rivera Rios, who had just voluntarily returned to the U.S. from Havana to face charges for airline hijacking. He said that he quickly became disillusioned and disgusted with the Robotlution soon after arriving in Havana in 1971, when a 12-year-old girl offered to have sex with him in exchange for a succulent sandwich that he bought at a store for foreigners. The Castro dynasty has destroyed the moral fiber of the Cuban nation for better control of the people. Cubans who attended the Escuelas del Campo can tell you about the debaucheries that occurred there to young teenage girls. All in the name of Socialism.

  2. I was informed that there is this family in Cuba that live off of prostituting their 12 year old son. When asked, how can she do this, the mother’s monstrous reply was: HE’S NOT GOING TO GET PREGNANT AND BESIDES THE ENTIRE FAMILY NEEDS HIM TO SURVIVE, SINCE WE LIVE OFF HE MONEY THAT HE EARNS!

    BUT, that doesn’t matter. These are only Cubans. A garden-variety Castro/Che admirer would say, it’s the fault of the “blockade” [even that video, condemdatory as it was couldn’t help but mention the “blockade”], and besides, things were so much worst pre-59 when Cuba was a vassal state of the USA and starvation and disease riddled 95% of the population.

  3. In 2000, my former graduate adviser told me of his first trip to Cuba with a dozen students. In the Hotel Nacional, a pimp offered him a young girl and when he politely rejected the offer, the pimp then asked him if he wanted a boy. Later, a female African American student stepped out of the hotel’s club and when she tried to return, the guard told her that she could not come in, assuming that she was Cuban. I then asked my former professor, have you or her denounced this situation to the media or the university newspaper? He simply did not respond. He knew a denunciation would have meant not being allow to take student trips to Cuba again.

  4. This will be written off as rare, isolated instances “that could happen anywhere.” There are major conflicts of interest when it comes to anything Cuba-related, and they shape (read distort) practically every aspect of how Cuba is represented and treated. Canadians will NOT stop vacationing in Cuba in droves for the sake of Cubans, who are like so many zoo animals to them. Little island people of color are there to be exotic, colorful and useful, especially to those who can pay with real money.

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