Cuban political prisoners and torture victims humbly invite Yoani Sanchez for a chat


Daily–indeed, almost hourly lately–we’re assured by all the properly anointed media parties that no one has done more to alert the world to the “horrors” of Castro’s rule than Yoani Sanchez.

On this side of Alice’s Looking Glass, these Castroite horrors might include murdering more political prisoners in his first three years in power than Hitler murdered in his first six, along with jailing and torturing political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin during the Great Terror–all these horrors in the process of converting a nation with a higher standard of living than half of Europe and deluged with immigrants into one that repels Haitians.

But on the other side of Alice’s Looking Glass these horrors seem to consist of shortages of computer memory sticks and of properly palatable foodstuffs.

This incongruence in reported horrors has caught the eye of some of the aforementioned Castro prisoners and torture victims–i.e. the longest suffering political prisoners in the modern history of the human race. These were all born in the same country as Yoani Sanchez and suffered their horrors at the hands of the same regime she denounces (Lite.)

When she visits Miami next month some of these folks would like to expand the frontiers of Yoani Sanchez’ knowledge concerning Castroite horrors. Here’s a letter from Luis G.Infante (16 years in Castro’s prisons and torture chambers) and Orlando L. Periu on behalf of Organizacion Presidio Politico Historico Cubano:

To answer the often expressed question regarding the position of Historic Cuban Political Prisoners to Yoani Sanchez visit to Miami, we declare:

For over half a century the Castroite tyranny has managed to erase all memory of Cuban life prior to their usurpation of power. As well, they’ve erased the memory of the repressions that drove so many Cubans to rebel against their totalitarian rule.

We realize that generations born since 1959 have been victims of Communist indoctrination. We’re familiar with practically all the declarations and statements by our compatriot Yoani Sanchez. So we notice there’s a large portion of Cuban history, prior to her birth, that she’s unfamiliar with. She now has a chance, if she wishes, to learn of this history.

Yoani, along with those new (Cuban) voices that travel the world should have an opportunity to learn about this part of Cuban history of which they are uninformed. We suggest that they take a few minutes to meet with the men and women of the generation that preceded them and fought against a regime responsible for the very repressions and miseries they now travel the world denouncing.

We suggest that during her visit to Miami, a good place for her to learn of these would be during a visit, however brief, to La Casa de Los Presos. Here are on display many proofs of that long and bloody struggle. The gallery of martyrs displayed on our wall alone provides the best proof of this struggle. And here a small number of ex-political prisoners, male and female, would be delighted to meet with her and help her learn about this vital chapter of Cuban history.

If she agrees to visit us, we assure that the meeting will be low-key without much media fanfare. The point would be for her to learn about us. We would not be interviewing her. Instead, hopefully, she would be learning from us so that in her role as investigative journalist with a large international audience she might help educate others.

If her assistants or handlers find merit in this suggestion we would be happy to host her.

Luis G. Infante PP#34028- Pte. PPHC.; Orlando L. Periú PP#31211- Sec. PPHC.

Your humble servant has both translated and taken the liberty to paraphrase from the original which is here in Spanish.

On this side of Alice’s Looking Glass an invitation by the (miraculously still living) Cubans who sacrificed most for Cuba’s freedom to host the most internationally celebrated Cuban dissident in recent history in the capitol of Cuban exile would seem a newsworthy issue. But we search the mainstream media in utter vain for any mention of it.

(Luis G. Infante and the good folks at Casa Del Preso, btw, provided the pictures that make up the famous YAF Che poster)

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  1. When Yoani recently appeared at the New School in Manhattan, the casronoid trained chimpanzees were there to disrupt her presentation. That was not surprising and neither was the fact that the three major newspapers of the metropolis, the New York Times, the Daily News, and the New York Post, made no mention of her presence in the city. These collaborationist efforts by the mainstream media is what has helped Castro remain in power for so long.

  2. Remember that her mother was a miliciana, which is a very bad word, so it is probably psychologically impossible for her to feel the kind of visceral revulsion over Castro, Inc. felt by Cubans without that kind of contamination in their background.

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