Blockade, Schmockade… psst… we can buy anything we want and sell it to you for a much higher price


Cuba is Venezuela’s main drug supplier

Whoa… wait a minute.

No, not illegal drugs, but pharmaceutical products.

Question: how does Castrogonia become a major drug exporter when it has a tiny and grossly inefficient pharmaceutical industry and its natives are sorely lacking in access to the simplest drugs?  And what about the fact that the leaders of the Castro Kingdom constantly claim that the “blockade” prevents the delivery of much-needed drugs to its subjects?

Hah!  Gotcha, Castronoids!  You are very bad liars.  You can get any drugs you want on the world market and resell them to Venezuela at inflated prices, all because the late Hugo Chavez set up this scam, probably with some personal profit in mind.   You’ve got to hand it to the cretins: they sure do have a way of fooling everyone and growing filthy rich at the same time.

In the meantime, non-elite Cubans on the island go begging for the drugs they need, and many suffer greatly or die because the Castro regime chooses not to buy these drugs for its own slaves or to dispense them through its much-praised  free health care system.

Read it and seethe:

Venezuela imported USD 323 million in pharmaceutical products from Cuba in 2012

Tuesday March 19, 2013 11:19 AM

Venezuela’s US dollar sale to the health sector dropped 13.5% in 2012, according to information compiled by the Foreign Administration Commission (Cadivi). However, such fall did not prevent Venezuela from importing pharmaceutical products from Cuba.

The National Statistics Institute (INE) records on imports in 2012 confirm that Cuba has become Venezuela’s main supplier of pharmaceutical products. Estimations show that Venezuelan imports from Cuba amounted to some USD 323 million last year, 10.6% above the figure recorded in 2011.

Cuba’s exports to Venezuela exceed those of the US (USD 303 million), Germany (USD 251 million) and Brazil (USD 230 million).

In recent years, Cuba has played an increasingly significant role in the supply of drugs and pharmaceutical products to Venezuela. Based on INE’s data, exports reported a 2.906% hike in 2006-2012, climbing from nearly USD 10 million to USD 323 million.

Sources linked to the industry and labs stated that Venezuela-Cuba operations have been conducted in the public sector. “They are government purchases; private firms do not buy products from Cuba.”

The sources added that such products are re-exported by Cuba, as the island does not manufacture many drugs or high-tech equipment. “Cuba does not have a big pharmaceutical industry,” the source explained.

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